Pub Quiz Harry Potter Special

Round 1 – Easy Starter Which Harry Potter word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2003 meaning ‘a person who possesses no magical powers, lacking particular skills, or who is regarded as inferior in some way’?  Muggle What specific item is made by Mr Ollivander?  Wands What is the name of Hagrid’s 3… Read More

Pub Quiz – By Numbers

How many countries border San Marino? 1 How many bridges are there over the firth of fourth? 2 With how many countries does the US share a land border? 2 How many American states begin and end with the letter ‘A’? 3 How many faces has the clock on Big Ben’s tower? 4 How many… Read More

Pub Quiz – Entertainment

  1.       This was the theme tune to which famous British sitcom and for a bonus point in what year was it first broadcast? Royle Family 1998 2.       Which famous comedian has had live shows with titles Live and Squeaky, Twin Squeaks, Bubble and Squeak and Does He Really Talk Like That?   Joe Pasquale… Read More

Dance Quiz

Who was Ginger Roger’s most famous dancing partner? Fred Astaire Of which ballet is Prince Siegfried the hero?   Swan Lake Which ballet has the same name as a love story by Shakespeare? Romeo And Juliet Which dancer choreographed and starred in the show lord of the dance? Michael Flatley Which singer made the ‘moonwalk’… Read More

Classical Music Quiz

What is a clavichord? Musical instrument Which is the highest female singing voice? Soprano Who wrote ‘Winter’ from the classical music work ‘The Four Seasons’? Vivaldi Which voice in singing is between a tenor and a soprano? Alto About which composer was the 1984 film Amadeus? Mozart La Boheme, The Marriage of Figaro, Rigoletto and… Read More

Art Quiz

What is the subject of Renoir’s painting Les Parapluies? Umbrellas Name the native city of Italian artist Canaletto that many of his works portray? Venice What name is given to paintings that show a visual likeness of someone’s face? Portrait How is the painting ‘La Gioconda’ also known? Mona Lisa Which famous Spanish surrealist painted… Read More

Animals Quiz

Which country does the shih tzu dog, come from? China. A caribou is a sort of what? Reindeer How many wings does a bee have? 4 What colour are natural sponges? Yellow How many tentacles does a starfish have? Five What creatures live in a Formicary? Ants What is the only bird that can fly… Read More

Pub Quiz #58

General Knowledge 1.      Who played Dirty Harry in films such as The Dead Pool, Sudden Impact and Magnum Force? Clint Eastwood 2.      Actress Isla Fisher is married to which British comedian, actor and writer? Sacha Baron Cohen 3.      Despite what the poet John Betjamin may say about the town, which town was voted as the… Read More

Pub Quiz #57

General Knowledge 1.      “A Day In The Life” is the song that closes which famous album? Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 2.      The plot of the film “National Velvet” centres around what kind of animal? Horse 3.      The poker hand known as “Dead Man’s Hand” is named so because which famous figure from the… Read More

20 Pub Quiz Questions #10

Which cast member from the Inbetweeners stars in the lead role of the E4 Comedy series “Man Down”? Greg Davies Which children’s TV series featured the woodpecker Professor Yaffle? Bagpuss What was the name of the fictional cathedral in “All Gas and Gaiters”? St Oggs In which sit-com do “Only Fools and Horses” characters Boycie… Read More