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1 The Cassini-Huygens probe was sent to visit which planet? Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn
2 The Cerberus Fossae is found on which planet? Venus, Mercury, Mars, Earth
3 The core of the earth is believed to consist of 88.8% of what? Carbon, Lava, Silicon, Iron
4 The Dawn spacecraft ended its mission orbiting which dwarf planet? Ceres, Makemake, Pluto, Eris
5 The Earth is composed of 32% of what? Magnesium, Nickel, Silicon, Iron
6 The Enke Gap is a feature of which planet? Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus
7 The Equator forms a major part of which planet? Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury
8 The ESA mission BepiColombo is aimed at reaching what planet? Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Mars
9 The Great Red Storm is a feature of which planet? Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
10 The Kuiper Belt lies how many AU’s away from the sun? 10, 50, 1, 100
11 The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on which planet? Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury
12 The New Horizons probe was the first probe to explore where in 2015? Saturn, Ceres, Pluto, Jupiter
13 The numbers 134 340 precede the name of which body? Hauema, Makemake, Pluto, Ceres
14 The Ocean of Storms can be found where in the Solar System? The Sun, Mars, Earth, The Moon
15 The Phoenix sampled water ice on which planet? Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus
16 The Ring named Courage is a feature of which planet? Earth, Venus, Mars, Neptune
17 The rings around which planet were first discovered in 1977? Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune
18 The rotation of which planet is gradually slowing down? Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus
19 The Rover Spirit was sent to which planet? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth
20 The Sea of Cleverness can be found on which body in the Solar System? Mars, The Moon, The Sun, Earth