1 There are volcanoes in Iceland. True
2 There is a country called the Philippines. True
3 A spider has 6 legs. False
4 Mars is the closest planet to the sun. False
5 Henry the VIII had 8 wives. False
6 Spaghetti grows on trees. False
7 Baby donkeys are born without ears. False
8 Paper is made from wood. True
9 The guppy fish was discovered by Lechmere Guppy. True
10 Cheetahs can’t roar. True
11 The letters ‘umop apısdn’ are upside down upside down. True
Turn the page/screen upside down and see.
12 Tea leaves are brown when growing. False
13 Peanuts are nuts. False
14 Bluebells ring when you shake them. False
15 The sea can be deeper than the highest mountain. True
16 Glass is made from sand. True
17 Cricket balls are made from cork and string. True
18 The television was invented by Alfred Tele. False
19 Cotton grows on bushes. True
20 A dolphin is a fish. False