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Pub Quiz – Bumper Sports Quiz

If a golf hole is 130 yards long, what would its par be? 3 How many balls are used in a game of croquet? 4 How many Gold Medals did Jesse Owens win in the 1936 Berlin Olympics? 4 How many hulls are there on a Catamaran? 4 How many laps are completed towin a… Read More

Huge Film Quiz

Which American actress played Carrie in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”? Andie MacDowell Who played Norman Bates in ‘Psycho’? Anthony Perkins What was the screen name of actor Lee Yuen Kim? Bruce Lee Which Academy Award-winning Western told the story of Civil War veteran John J Dunbar and his encounters with a Sioux tribe? Dances… Read More

Massive Science Pub Quiz

Which temperature has the same value in degrees in both centigrade and Fahrenheit? -40 How many moons does Venus have? 0 How many stomachs does a moth have? 0 Which percentage of the worlds population has an I.Q. of 120 or more ? 12.50% What percentage of US dogs are overweight? 40% The jellyfish consists of… Read More

Pub Quiz Literature

How many ghosts visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol? 4 How many tasks did Hercules have to fulfill? 12 How many rode into Tennyson’s ‘valley of death’? 600 Winston Smith is the central character in which book? 1984 How old was Adrian Mole? 13 and 3 quarters How long did Robinson Crusoe spend on the… Read More

Pub Quiz – History by Years

In which year was the revolver invented? 1835 In which year were postage stamps introduced? 1840 In which year did Texas become a US state? 1845 The first weather report in a newspaper appeared in which year? 1848 The Spanish Dublone was legal tender in the USA until which year? 1857 In which year were… Read More

Pub Quiz – Geography

In which city is the world famous skyscraper Petronas Towers located? Kuala Lumpur Where in New York City is the ‘Canyon of Heroes’, where the famous ticker tape parades take place? Lower Broadway In which city is the famous Prado museum? Madrid It is said that the residents of which European capital never sleep? Madrid Which destination… Read More

Food and Drink Quiz

Which of the following is not a citrus fruit –   lemon, lime, strawberry, grapefruit? Strawberry Which sauce is eaten with turkey at Thanksgiving in the USA? Cranberry Aduki, borlotti and cannellini are types of what? Beans What is the fruit flavour of Cointreau? Orange What is the main ingredient in a traditional fondue? Cheese… Read More

Pub Quiz #60

  General Knowledge 1.      The cavy is another name for which rodent? Guinea Pig 2.      What is the name of the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye? Retina 3.      Two word answer required…..which constituency was the first to declare their result in the 2017 General Election? Newcastle Central 4.      Which UK Number… Read More

Fashion Quiz

What is the first name of the Italian designer Versace, sister of Gianni? Donatella (She became Head of Design after Gianni’s murder in 1997) The bob, made fashionable by ‘flappers’ in the 1920s, was a short what? Haircut Fashion designer Coco Chanel is famous for popularizing the little black what? The little black dress According… Read More