Which temperature has the same value in degrees in both centigrade and Fahrenheit? -40
How many moons does Venus have? 0
How many stomachs does a moth have? 0
Which percentage of the worlds population has an I.Q. of 120 or more ? 12.50%
What percentage of US dogs are overweight? 40%
The jellyfish consists of how much water? 95%
How many moons does Earth have? 1
How many atoms are there in a molecule of water? 3
Cows have how many stomachs? 4
How many wisdom teeth does the average adult have? 4
How many hearts does an earthworm have? 5
How many ‘arms’ does a snowflake have? 6
How many feet in a fathom? 6
How many legs does a spider have? 8
How many minutes does it take rays from the sun to reach the earth 8
In computing how many bits make one byte? 8
The octal numbering system consistes of how many digits? 8
How many sides does a Nonogon have? 9
How many arms does a squid have? 10
How many people have walked on the moon? 12
How many sides does a dodecagon have? 12
What was the number of the last Apollo mission? 17
How many inches to a cubit? 18
How many moons does Saturn have? 18
On average, how many hours a day does a Koala bear spend sleeping? 22
How many brains does a leech have? 32
How many miles must one walk in order to burn off a pound of fat? 34
How many gallons of water can a camel drink in 10 minutes? 35
How many muscles does it take to move your hand? 35
According to Guinness what is the record number of children borne by one woman? 69
How many cubic feet are there in three cubic yards? 81
How many nuclear power plants are there in the USA? 109
How many chemical elements are there? 112
How many years is 1,000,000 hours? 114
How many litres are there in a barrel of oil? 159
How many sq metres was ENIAC, the worlds first electronic computer? 170
The first robot was introduced in which year? 1921
In which year was the ball point pen introduced? 1938
The Bikini was a concept by Louis Réard, but in which year? 1946
The first working computer mouse was developed by Douglas Engelbart in which year? 1963
Ray Tomlinson sent the world’s first email in which year? 1971
The LCD or Liquid Crystal Display was first developed by James Fergason in which year? 1971
The world’s firsr pocket calculator was invented by the Sharp Corporation in which year? 1971
In which year did Ernő Rubik invent the Rubik’s cube? 1974
The first Mobile phone was invented by Bell Labs in which year? 1977
The Compact Disc was first developed by Philips Electronics and Sony Corp and released in which year? 1980
DNA fingerprinting was first explained to the world by Alec Jeffreys in which year? 1985
In which year was the first black tulip cultivated? 1986
In which year was the satellite Galileo launched? 1989
In which year did Tim Berners-Lee introduce the phrase World Wide Web? 1990
In which year did Pfizer Inc introduce it’s Viagra drug to the market? 1997
How many muscles are there in an elephants trunk? 40,000
How many hairs does the average human head have? 100,000
Roughly how many glasses of milk can one cow produce in one year? 120,000
The binary system of numbers uses which two digits? 1 and 0
How many feet long was the largest Blue Whale ever seen? 110 ft
What was the highest ever recorded temperature in the Libyan desert? 136 degrees Fahrenheit
What speed can a human reach in free fall? 155 miles per hr
What is the speed of light? 186,272 miles per second
The first ballpoint pen was invented by Laszlo Biro in which decade? 1930s
The world’s first microwave oven was built and demonstrated by Percy Spencer in which decade? 1940s
In which decade did the World Health Organisation declare Smallpox eradicated? 1970s
What generation is the so-called EDGE technology? 2.75G
On average, how long does a giraffe sleep each day? 20 min
How many millimetres are there in one inch? 25.4 mm
In 1776 what was the average height of an Englishman? 5 ft 7 inches
How much taller is the Eiffel tower in the summertime? 6 inches
What is the sum of the internal angles in a hexagon? 720 degrees
How long does the light from the sun take to reach the earth? 8.5 min
For how long is a dog pregnant? 9 Weeks
Bamboo plants can grow how many cm per day? 90cm
What is the most common blood group in Europe? A +
What are Lanthanides? A block of elements in the periodic table
In which continent did the ostrich originate? Africa
Which scientist was born in Germany in 1879, became a Swiss citizen in 1901 and later became a US citizen in 1940? Albert Einstein
Which of the following insects requires no sleep? Ant
What lives in a Formicarium? Ants
What part of the body does a turtle use to breathe? Anus
What is removed during an appendectomy? Appendix
Who first argued that the world was not flat? Aristotle
What can you see with Kirlian photography? aura
Where did the dingo originate? Australia
Animals of the Ursidae family are what? Bears
What does a nidoligist study? Bird Nests
What colour skin does a polar bear have? Black
Which of the following colours would make you appear the slimest?  Black
What is an Ishihara test used for? Blindness
What is classified by the A B O system? Blood
Cats are born with which colour eyes? Blue
What colour is lobster blood? Blue
What colour is octopus blood? blue
What colour of tongue does the chow breed of dog have? Blue
What is the loudest animal on earth? Blue whale
Which of these elements is the heaviest? Caesium
What are bactrians and dromedaries? Camels
Which element is present in all organic compounds? Carbon
What type of animal is considered good luck to have living at a theatre? Cat
A blue Orpington is a breed of which animal? Chicken
Which of the following animals has the best memory? Chimpanzee
What did John Harrison invent in 1757? chronometer
How many earths would fit inside the sun? circa 1,000,000
What was not the name of a US space mission? Colombus
Which beetle loves potatoes? Colorado
What did Douglas Engelbart invent in 1963? Computer Mouse
What is the name of the small tracking file left by websites on your computer? Cookie
What can’t a Giraffe do? cough
An Aberdeen Angus is a type of what? Cow
What is the chemical symbol for Chromium? Cr
What makes up 99.9% of the universe? dark energy
When cats have blue eyes they are also most likely what? Deaf
What was the name of the supercomputer that defeated chess master Garri Kasparov in 1997? Deep Blue
A wapiti is a what? Deer
What kind of animal is a Lurcher? Dog
Which of the following animals is believed to be the first to be domesticated? Dog
Cynophobia is the fear of what? Dogs
Which of the following insects can fly at a speed of around 60 mph? Dragonfly
Which of the following mammals cannot jump? Elephant
What does a Joule unit measure? Energy
What was the name of the first digital computer? ENIAC
Where in your body would you find the rods and cones? Eyes
Hypermetropic people are what? far sighted
A tortoiseshell cat is most likely what? Female
Pyrophobia is the fear of what? Fire
According to Newton, mass times acceleration is equal to what? Force
Which European country has the most nuclear power plants? France
What does a Hertz unit measure? Frequency
Which type of bomb was invented by Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam in 1952? Fusion
Who said “nature abhors a vacuum”? Galileo
If you had rubella what would you have caught? German measles
Which country introduced the worlds first diesel locomotive in 1912? Germany
Which European country has sent the most people into space? Germany
Where in Europe is the Barbary ape most likely found? Gibralta
Which of the following is a metal that will not rust? Gold
Alopecia describes a person with a lack of what? Hair
Which of the following animals are not rodents? Hedgehogs
What does a ‘Hippophagic’ eat? horse meat
Christopher Cockerel invented what? Hovercraft
Fredrick Sanger invented which life saver? Insulin
Ir is the chemical symbol for which element? Iridium
What is a bird’s ‘gizzard’? It’s second stomach
Which is the largest planet in our solar system? Jupiter
What is the chemical symbol for Potassium? K
What are baby beavers called? Kittens
What are young squirrels called? Kittens
Which of the following is a bird AND a fruit? Kiwi
Where in the body is the Patella? Knee
Where in your body is your patella? Knee
Mg is the chemical symbol for which element? Magnesium
Mn is the chemical symbol for which element? Manganese
Which planet has the tallest mountain? Mars
Which of the following metals is in a liquid state at room temperature Mercury
What is the chemical symbol for Sodium? Na
Which is the most common gas in the atmosphere? Nitrogen
What is the scientific name for laughing gas? Nitrous oxide
What is the most common blood type in humans? O
What colour is an aircraft’s black box? Orange
What is not a primary colour? orange
What does the medical term dolent mean? pain
Which of these is a name of a fish? Parr
What is the only food a cockroach wont eat? pickle
What won’t a cockroach eat? pickles
What do botanists study? Plants
Which planet has the most eccentric orbit? Pluto
K is the chemical symbol for which element? Potassium
What plant does the Colorado beetle attack? Potato
Mammals of the Order Marsupialia have what unique feature? Pouches
What does a Pascal unit measure? Pressure
With which name do we refer to a female cat? Queen
What is a Flemish Giant? Rabbit
What does a Becquerel unit measure? Radioactivity
Which of the following animals can last the longest without water? Rat
The common cold is what kind of virus? Rhino
A ‘bind’ is a group of what? salmon
Which planet has the most moons? Saturn
What is the chemical symbol for Antimony? Sb
Which of the following is a theory in physics? Schrodinger’s Cat
What was not the name of a US space mission? Scout
What did Otto Frederick Rohwedder invent in 1928 that changed the world forever? Sliced bread
What does an OLF unit measure? smell
What is the chemical symbol for Tin? Sn
Na is the chemical symbol for which element? Sodium
Which bird has a record 25,000 feathers? Swan
On the Mohs scale the hardest substance is diamond – what’s the softest? Talcum Powder
Somatology is the study of what? The Body
Who invented the sub-machine gun in 1920? Thompson
Brontophobia is the fear of what? Thunder
What is the chemical symbol for Titanium? Ti
Ti is the chemical symbol for which element? Titanium
Which part of the human body contains the most gold? Toenails
With which name do we refer to a male cat? Tomcat
Which VW auto was not named after a wind? Touran
W is the chemical symbol for which element? Tungsten
John Logie Baird is credited with which invention? TV
What is the hottest planet in our solar system? Venus
Which planet in the Solar System is closest in size to Earth? Venus
What was the name of Jurij Gagarin’s space capsule? Vostok I
A Blue Whale has a heart roughly the size of a what? VW Beetle
Anemophobia is the fear of what? Wind
Ergasiophobia is the fear of what? Work
Tim Berners-Lee is known as the inventor of what? World Wide Web
Which plant gives absinthe its hallucinogenic properties? wormwood