1 PVG is the airport code for the main airport in which Asian City? Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai Shanghai
2 Richard Branson founded which major airline? Quantas, Southwest Airlines, Virgin, Emirates Virgin
3 Rollin King is the founder of which major airline? Quantas, Virgin, Southwest Airlines, Emirates Southwest Airlines
4 Royal Air Maroc is the national Airline of which African country? Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia Morocco
5 RyanAir is an airline from which nation? Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland Ireland
6 Sabena is an airline from which nation? France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany Belgium
7 Sansa is an airline from which nation? Spain, England, France, Costa Rica Costa Rica
8 Saudi Arabian Airlines has their base at an airport in which city? Beddah, Jeddah, Teddah, Feddah Jeddah
9 Schiphol Airport lies in which European Capital? Berne, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam Amsterdam
10 SHA is the airport code for an airport in which city? Amsterdam, Shanghai, Chicago, Hanover Shanghai
11 Sheremetyevo is an airport based in which city? Riga, Kiev, Moscow, Shanghai Moscow
12 Sky Harbour International Airport lies in which US City? Alabama, Las Vegas, Dallas, Phoenix Phoenix
13 Sky West airlines are based at which US Airport? JFK, O Hare, Hartfield Jackson, Logan Hartfield Jackson
14 SLC is the airport code for which airport? Maine, Salt Lake City, Washington, San Francisco Salt Lake City
15 Soekarno-Hatta airport is based in which Asian city? Beijing, Jakarta, Shanghai, Tokyo Jakarta
16 Stanstead is a famous airport in which city? Glasgow, Madrid, Paris, London London
17 Stelios Haji-Ioannu famously founded which budget airline? Cheapjet, Easyjet, Dodgyjet, Softjet Easyjet
18 Sunan is an airport in which country? Armenia, Malaysia, North Korea, Bangladesh North Korea
19 Synmlet Airport is located in which country? Bangladesh, North Korea, Malaysia, Armenia Bangladesh
20 Tacoma Airport is located in which American city? Seattle, Dallas, Columbus, New York Seattle