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1 What is the speed of sound: 260mph, 560mph, 760mph?
2 Which is the correct spelling: mistake, misstake, missteak?
3 How many letters in the Greek alphabet: 16, 24, 28?
4 Where does Edam cheese come from: France, Netherlands, Italy?
5 The Model T car was made by which company: Ford, Mercedes, BMW?
6 The Golden Oriole is a: bird, fish, flower?
7 Which is the most recent story: Peter Pan, Peter Rabbit, Peter and the Wolf?
8 Which of these was a US President: George Washington, George York, George Houston?
9 Which of these was a British Prime Minister: Gordon Green, Gordon Brown, Gordon Black?
10 In the Simpsons TV cartoon, what is Homer and Marge’s only son called: Fart, Bart, Mart?
11 A Saluki is a type of: Cat, Rabbit, Dog?
12 Roughly how many hairs are on a human head: 100,000, 10,000, 30,000?
13 Which Disney film is the oldest: Bambi, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book.
14 Per person, which country eats the most chocolate: USA, Switzerland, Belgium?
15 Lionel Messi played most of his games for which European football club: Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid?
16 Carl Fredricksen is a character from which film: Toy Story, Up, Despicable Me?
17 The X-Box games console is made by which company: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft
18 A cinquain poem has how many lines: 5, 15, 10?
19 Who wrote The Jungle Book collection of stories: David Walliams, Rudyard Kipling, Walt Disney,
20 Who appeared alongside George Ezra in the video for the 2014 song ‘Listen to the Man’: An actor; the US President, UK Prime Minister