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1 Who has scored most goals in international football for England (as of 2020)?
2 What year did England win the football World Cup?
3 In cricket, what country does England play against for the Ashes?
4 Which Scottish player won the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2012?
5 What animal was Red Rum?
6 What sport is played with a puck instead of a ball?
7 How many holes are there on a standard golf course?
8 What sport does Owen Farrell play?
9 How many stumps are on a cricket pitch?
10 Tiger Woods is famous for which sport?
11 In which city were the Olympic Games in 2012?
12 Who won the 100m sprint in the 2012 Olympic Games?
13 In cricket, what does LBW stand for?
14 David Beckham played most of his football games for which club?
15 Muhammad Ali was Worth Champion in which sport?
16 What are the teams in the annual Boat Race on the River Thames?
17 Who won their 6th Formula 1 world championship in 2019?
18 How many balls are bowled in an over in cricket?
19 The NFL is a league for which sport?
20 In which country were the Olympic Games in 2016?