1 What is the closest star to planet Earth? The Sun
2 In degree Celsius, what is the temperature of boiling water? 100
3 How many colours are there in a rainbow? 7
4 What is heavier: lead or gold? Gold
5 What two gasses make water? Oxygen and Hydrogen
6 How long does it take for the sun’s light to reach planet Earth? 8 minutes
7 What metal is often used in thermometers? Mercury
8 What is the name of the galaxy containing planet Earth? The Milky Way
9 A crocodile is what type of animal? Reptile
10 How many tentacles does an octopus have? 8
11 What gas do humans breath out? Carbon Dioxide
12 How many feet do bipeds have? 2
13 What is measured in Volts? Electricity
14 What do pandas mostly eat? Bamboo
15 What do evergreen trees not lose? Leaves
16 Where is the smallest bone in the human body? Ear
17 What year did a man first walk on the moon? 1969
18 What are the 3 primary colours of light: red, green and ?? Blue
19 What type of rays do doctors use to see bones in the human body? X-rays
20 What is hotter boiling water or boiling milk? Boiling milk