If a golf hole is 130 yards long, what would its par be? 3
How many balls are used in a game of croquet? 4
How many Gold Medals did Jesse Owens win in the 1936 Berlin Olympics? 4
How many hulls are there on a Catamaran? 4
How many laps are completed towin a speedway race? 4
How many players are there in a polo team? 4
How many baseball gloves can be made with the leather from one cow? 5
How many games make up a match in squash? 5
How many rings on the Olympic flag? 5
How many times did cyclist Miguel Indurain win the Tour de France in the 1990s? 5
How many disciplines make up the men’s gymnastics competition at the Olympics? 6
How many players of an ice hockey team can be on the ice at the same time? 6
How many Olympic gold medals did mark Spitz win in Munich in 1972? 7
How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have? 8
How many players in a baseball team? 9
What is the minimum number of points needed to win a game of squash? 9
What number shirt did Pele usually wear when playing for Brazil? 10
How many players are there in a Hockey team? 11
In American Football, how many players from one team are allowed on the grid at any one time? 11
How many rounds are there in a professional boxing title contest? 12
In badminton, how many points win a single game? 15
How old was Boris Becker when he won his first Wimbledon singles title? 17
How many Wimbledon titles did Billie Jean King win? 20
How many laps are run in a 10000-metre track race? 25
How many minutes of play are there in an American football match? 60
In which year were the summer olympic games in Berlin?  1936
In which year did tennis legend ‘Rocket’ Rod Laver win his last Grand Slam? 1969
In which year were the summer olympic games in Montreal?  1976
In which year were the summer olympic games in Moscow? 1980
Countries from which continent boycotted the 1976 summer olympics in Montreal? Africa
Who was the first black woman to win both the US Open and Wimbledon? Althea Gibson
Who is not an accomplished fencer? Arnold Schwarzenegger
Which city hosted the 1992 summer Olympic games? Barcelona
Which sport do the Minnesota Twins play? Baseball
Who was the first american to win the mens singles title at Wimbledon? Big Bill Tilden
Which NHL superstar had the nickname ‘The Golden Jet’? Bobby Hull
Which 1982 World Cup team featured the talents of Zico, Socrates and Falcao? Brazil
Which swimming stroke was not introduced to the Olympics until 1956? Butterfly
Figure skating champion Elvis Stojko was from which country? Canada
Who was the captain of Brazil when they won the 1970 football world cup? Carlos Alberto
What did the dog named Pickles find? Coupe Jules Rimet
Eddy Merckx was a superstar in which sport? cycling
Who has a black belt in judo? David Lee Roth
“The ugliest salad bowl in the world” is the nickname for which trophy? Davis Cup
Nine time Olympic gold medal winner Paavo Nurmi was from which country? Finland
Juan Manuel Fangio was a superstar in which sport in the 1950s? formula one
Which country has Zinedine Zidane played for? France
In tennis, what name is given to winning the four major tournaments in a season? Grand Slam
Wayne Gretzky was a superstar in which sport? ice hochey
In which sport does one compete for the Stanley Cup? ice hockey
Which poem greets contestants to centre court Wimbledon? If
Which tennis player has not lost four Wimbledon singles finals? Ivan Lendl
Who does not have a black belt in karate? Jennifer Lopez
Who was the only tennis player to have won the US OPEN on three different surfaces? Jimmy Conners 
Which of these is another name for a golf course? Links
Mika Hakkinen was Formula 1 champion in 1998 and 1999 in which car? McLaren-Mercedes
‘El tri’ is the nickname for which national football team?  Mexico
What was the name of the mascot bear at the 1980 summer Olympic games in Moscow? Mischa
Which summer Olympic Games were boycotted by most African countries? Montreal 76
Which NHL hockey team has won the most Stanley Cups? Montreal Canadiens
At which Formula One circuit would one find the ‘Lesmo Bend’? Monza
Jacky Ickx was a superstar in which sport? motor racing
Speed skating originated in which country? Netherlands
Which professional sport awards the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy each year for the ‘Most Gentlemanly Player’? NHL
Every player in the Bulgarian national team at the 1994 Football World Cup had a name ending in which letters? ov
80% of all the footballs in the world are made in which country? Pakistan
Which country has won a record four World Championships in mens field hockey? Pakistan
Which tennis players nickname was ‘The Rocket’? Rod Laver
Who was the last man to win the Grand Slam in tennis? Rod Laver
Which stadium is named after a WW I flying ace? Roland Garros
Which city saw Steffi Graf win Olympic gold? Seoul
‘Wedel’ is a term in which sport? Skiing
In golf what name is given to the No 3 wood? Spoon
Which woman thrashed her opponent 6-0 6-0 in the 1988 French Open final? Stefi Graf
‘Nati’ is the nickname for which countrys football team? Switzerland
Gossima was the original name for which sport? Table Tennis
Lew Hoad was a superstar in which sport in the 1950s? tennis
Which sport is played in Roland Garros? tennis
What weighs 4lb 6oz at the Olympics? The Discuss
A ‘Miller’ is a move in which sport? Trampolining
Which football world cup had the highest average attendance figures? USA 94
Which superstar was named ‘The Great One’? Wayne Gretsky
Which superstar wore the number 99 ? Wayne Gretzky