how to create brilliant quizzes

Tips for creating great quizzes, questions and answers, and a brilliant quiz experience Creating a quiz offers huge opportunities to enrich your own life and the lives of the people who participate. Quizzes are fun and engaging – individually, and for groups, teams and families. Quizzes use enjoyment to promote education and exploration – self-development… Read More

Pub Quiz Pubs Quiz

One to a Hundred Quiz

This is a 20 question general knowledge quiz. All the answers are whole numbers from 1-100 inclusive. The quiz will select 20 random questions.… Read More

Kids Football (soccer) True or False Quiz

Kids Under 10 History Quiz Multi-choice

Quiz League Style Set B

Designed to be played in teams…Test your brain with some posing questions I wrote some time ago for the Sunderland Echo Quiz League!   Round 1                                                                                                                                 1.    Alexander Selkirk, the Scottish sailor who spent 4 years as a castaway after being marooned on an island in the South Pacific, is said to have been… Read More

Buzzer Questions – More!

    In terms of size this is island is the seventh largest in Scotland. It is often referred to as “Scotland in miniature” and is separated from the mainland by the Kilbrannan Sound. Name the Scottish Island that has Brodick as its capital and Goatfell as its highest point?   Arran   This author… Read More

Buzzer Quiz Questions – Football Special

All the answers here contain the name, but may not indeed be linked to, the name of an English Football League Ground     This is the international vehicle registration code for Macedonia, it is also the initials of a 21st century Governor of the Bank of England, the initials of the co-founder of the… Read More

Quizzing Documentaries

How Quizzing Got Cool…. – BBC Documentary   I couldn’t do my end of year wrap up’s without mentioning the BBC TV Documentary that aired on BBC 4 this year. A fantastic look at the world of quizzing. Not available anymore in iplayer but see above for youtube links… Speaking of good documentaries, if you… Read More

Quiz League Style Set A

A tough set to get your teeth into, designed to be played by teams! Set B to follow later in the week   Questions A Round 1                                                                                                                       1.    What was the slogan on the famous poster, used by the Conservatives at the 1979 General Election, showing a queue of people at an Unemployment office?… Read More