General Knowledge

1.      The cavy is another name for which rodent?

Guinea Pig

2.      What is the name of the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye?


3.      Two word answer required…..which constituency was the first to declare their result in the 2017 General Election?

Newcastle Central

4.      Which UK Number 1 hit Single by Madonna shares a name with the highest grossing film of 2013?


5.      To within a year either way, in what year was Jeremy Corbyn born?

1949 (accept 1948-1950)



1.      The Beautiful South’s first hit single, Song For Whoever, begins with the line “I love you from the bottom of” where?

My Pencil Case

2.      Despite only producing two top ten hit singles and no number ones, what was the biggest selling album in the UK in the 1980’s?

Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits)

3.      In which month of the year do crowds visit Graceland to honour Elvis Presley on the anniversary of his death?



4.      Who did Will Young beat in the final to win the first series of Pop Idol in 2002?

Gareth Gates

5.      Which single released by Boyzone contains the lyric “My initial reaction is, honey give me a love, not a facsimile of”?

Love me for a Reason



1.      In which heptathlon event of the 2016 Rio Olympics did Great Britain’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson outperform the gold medallist of the individual event?

High Jump

2.      With the 26th season of the English Premier League getting underway recently, name the three teams to have played in every season of this, but never to have won it.?

Everton, Liverpool and Spurs

3.      In tennis, if the score is “advantage”, will the player serving be serving from the left side or the right side of the court?


Left side

4.      Who won the WBC heavyweight title when he defeated Oliver McCall Wembley Stadium?


Frank Bruno

5.      Tessa Sanderson is one of only 2 women to compete in 6 consecutive Olympic Games in track and field events. In which year did she make her Olympic debut?



Geography and Places

1.      What Australian island was known as Van Diemens Land before it was renamed in 1856?


1.      Which lake in Great Britain has the largest volume of water?

Loch Ness

2.      Which specific point in London is deemed as the “Centre of the city” and is the point from which Distances from London are now measured?

Charing Cross

3.      Which of the Canary islands lies closest to mainland Africa?


4.      The world’s fifth largest by area, which North American lake is the largest lake contained entirely within one country?

Lake Michigan



1.      Which crime writer is the author of the “Women’s Murder Club” series including the books “1st to Die”, “3rd Degree” “7th Heaven” and the latest in the series “15th Affair”?

James Paterson

2.      Fanny Price is the heroine of which Jane Austen novel?

Mansfield Park

3.      Which literary character entered England from a boat in Whitby, in the form of a dog?


4.      In which African country is the series “The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency” set?


5.      Who won the Man Booker Prize in 2009 for her novel “Wolf Hall”?

Hilary Mantel


TV and Film

1.      Walk The Line is about the life of which American singer song writer who died in 2003?

Johnny Cash

2.      What is the name of Father Ted’s housekeeper?

Mrs Doyle

3.      In the Harry Potter films and novels, Pomona Sprout is the head of which house at Hogwarts?


4.      Who was the original presenter of Family Fortunes on television?

Bob Monkhouse

5.      Who played the Riddler in the 1995 film Batman Forever?

Jim Carey


1 Question 5 Answers

Q: List the 5 James Bond movies to have been released since the year 2000?

Die Another Day


Casino Royale


Quantum of Solace








1.      Which actor played boxer Muhammed Ali in a 2001 biographical film and stockbroker Chris Gardner in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happiness?

Will Smith

2.      Henry Fonda won the Academy Award for best actor in his final film starring alongside Katherine Hepburn who also won an Oscar for her role. Name the film?

On Golden Pond

3.      Which footballer turned actor played for Wimbledon, Leeds United, Chelsea and Sheffield United during his career which spanned from 1984 until 1999?

Vinnie Jones

4.      Which Welsh singer was born with the name Gaynor Hopkins in 1951 and more recently has appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Bonnie Tyler

5.      What is the connection between the above 4 answers?

Doctor Who Sidekicks (Sarah Jane Smith, On Golden Pond, Vinnie Jones, Bonnie Tyler)