What is the first name of the Italian designer Versace, sister of Gianni? Donatella (She became Head of Design after Gianni’s murder in 1997)
The bob, made fashionable by ‘flappers’ in the 1920s, was a short what? Haircut
Fashion designer Coco Chanel is famous for popularizing the little black what? The little black dress
According to Madonnna, Manolos are better than sex, but what are Manolos? Shoes (by Manolo Blahnik)
The designer Jimmy Choo specialises in what? Shoes
What are Jimmys or Manolos? Shoes
Which supermodel wrote the 1994 novel ‘Swan’? Naomi Campbell
Which male fashion line did Ralph Lauren launch in 1994? Black Label, Blue Label, Purple Label or White Label? Purple Label (Black Label was launched in 2007)
Which fashion designer popularised the miniskirt and the Mod look? Quant, Mary
What nationality is the designer Carolina Herrera? Venezuelan
Which US fashion awards are the industry’s equivalent of the Oscars? Coty Awards
When Donna Karan launched her Essentials line in the 1980s, it consisted of how many pieces? 5,6,7 or 8? 7
Philip Treacy is known as a designer of what? Hats
Which well known fashion house made its fame and fortune as an official supplier of uniforms to the SS, SA and Hitler Youth using slave workers? Hugo Boss
The stiletto heel takes its name from what? A dagger
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer appeared in a series of TV ads in 1998 advertising what make of car? Citroen
Which of the following is not a fragrance by Calvin Klein? Obsession, Attitude, Eternity, One Arttitude (Armani)
The Hugo Boss fashion house is based in which European country? Germany (It was established in Metzingen in 1923)
According to the Hemline Index, invented by econimist George Taylor in 1926, do women’s rise or fall when stock pirces rise? Rise
Which fashion company makes the fragrance Opium? Yves Saint Laurent