Quiz Addict Quiz #7

General Knowledge 1.      In what part of the body would you find the Occipital Bone? Skull/Head 2.      What letter is represented by one dash in Morse Code? T 3.      In the 1991 biopic film “The Doors” who played Jim Morrison? Val Kilmer 4.      What chemical element has the atomic number 2? Helium 5.      In which… Read More

Quiz Addict Quiz #6

General Knowledge 1.      The construction of the Berlin Wall began in which decade? 1960s 2.      The New Shekel is the currency of which nation? Israel 3.      What is the most southerly county in the UK? Truro 4.      In which city would find the world’s largest railway station, based on the number of platforms? New York… Read More

Quiz Addict Quiz #5

General Knowledge 1.      Following Brexit, how many countries will there be in the European Union? 27 2.      Epistaxis is the scientific name of which occurrence in the human body? Nose Bleed 3.      Easter Island forms part of which South American Country? Chile 4.      Calabrese, Arcadia and Blue Wind are all varieties of which vegetable? Broccoli… Read More

Pub Quiz Set #4

The pub quiz sets keep coming thick and fast…..Try your hand at these and see how you get on! Anything above 27 and you are on good form!     General knowledge 1 Jack Dorsey is the CEO of which social networking service that he co-founded with three others in March 2006? Twitter 2 The… Read More

Pub Quiz Set #3

Can you beat your score from the last Pub Quiz set? See how you fair with todays quiz…   General Knowledge 1. Vermillion is a shade of which colour? Red 2. Which planet in our system has the shortest day, turning on its axis in less than 10 hours? Jupiter 3. Where is the world… Read More

Pub Quiz Set #2

Another set of pub quiz questions to get your teeth into! Can you beat your score from the last set?   General Knowledge 1.      1.   The title of which Beach Boys song is also the title of the autobiography of Jacqueline Gold, the founder of Ann Summers? Good Vibrations 2.      2. What is the… Read More

Pub Quiz Set #1

As ‘The Beast from the East’ continues to grip us here in the UK, how about a good old pub quiz to get to grips with!   General Knowledge 1.      What colour flag is awarded to a beach that meets high standards for cleanliness, safety and water quality? Blue 2.      The Bermuda Triangle is a… Read More