General Knowledge

1.      What is the name of the coffee shop in the Us Sitcom “Friends”?

Central Perk

2.      From which animal is Ermine taken?


3.      What is the medical name for the disease that is commonly known as chickenpox?


4.      The first draft of which Jane Austen novel was titled Elinor And Marianne?

Sense and Sensibility

5.      In 2007, the government agency called the Patent Office changed its name to something that is often abbreviated as IPO. What does the letter “P” stand for in this?


Property (Intellectual Property Office)



1.      Which group had hit singles in the early 1980’s with Sergeant Rock Is Going To Help Me and Senses Working Overtime?


2.      In 2010, which group sold 1.34 million tickets for their Progress Live tour in less than 24 hours, setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest-selling tour of all time in the UK?

Take That

3.      According to the opening line of the Beatles’ song Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it was how many years ago today that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play?


20 Years Ago

4.      Which 1980’s UK No.1 hit single opens with the line “I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor”?


Careless Whisper by George Michael


5.      Which British band had 20 consecutive UK Top 20 hits between 1979 and 1985?




1.      In August 2017, who replaced Andy Murray as the world’s number one ranked male tennis player?


Rafael Nadal

2.      Which drinks company owns a formula one racing team as well as football clubs based in Leipzig in Germany, Campinas in Brazil and Harrison in the USA?

Red Bull

3.      How many people in total are there in a boat in the University Boat Race?

Nine (eight rowers plus the cox)


4.      Which Championship football club play home matches at the Pirelli Stadium?


Burton Albion

5.      At which weight class did boxer Amir Khan win a silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics?




Science and Nature

1.      In the human body, is a ligament a type of tissue that connects; a bone to another bone;  a muscle to another muscle; a bone to a muscle?

Bone to Bone

2.      How is frozen carbon dioxide better known?

Dry Ice

3.      Which metal is also known as quicksilver?


4.      A fennec is the smallest breed of which mammal?


5.      Which mode of transport was invented by Igor Sikorsky?




1.      After Duncan Bannatyne left the show in 2014, who became the only remaining original Dragon on the television show Dragon’s Den?

Peter Jones

2.      “Smart denim” is an anagram of which long-running television show?



3.      How is Noel Fitzpatrick known in the title of a Channel 4 TV series that was first broadcast in 2014?

The Supervet

. First broadcast in 2007, the television series Skins was centred around a group of teenagers living in which British city?



4.      A pub called the Kebab And Calculator featured in which television sitcom?


The Young Ones


1.      In the official series of James Bond films, who has been the youngest actor to star as Bond?


George Lazenby

2.      Released in 2017, the fifth installment in which film series has the sub-title “Dead Men Tell No Tales”?


Pirates of the Carribean

3.      Paul Newman won his only Best Actor Oscar for his role in which film?


The Colour of Money

4.      A Whole New World, the first Disney song to win a Grammy Award for Song of the Year, featured in which film?



5.      In which 1984 film does Ren McCormack move to a small town where the council has banned dancing and rock music?




1 Questions 5 Answers

Q: I am going to give you the birthdates and places of 5 famous World Leaders…name the World Leaders in questions…

1.      Rome, 13th July in 100 BC?

Julius Caesar

2.      Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, 30th November 1874?

Winston Churchill

3.      Queens, New York – 14th June 1946?

Donald Trump

4.      Hamburg Germany – 17th July 1954?

Angela Merkel

5.      Grantham, Lincolnshire – 13th October 1925?

Margaret Thatcher









1.      What was the first name of the engineer with the surname Benz who developed what is generally regarded as the first practical motorcar?


2.      After being found beneath a car park in the city in 2012, which King of England’s remains were buried in Leicester Cathedral in 2015?

Richard III

3.      Born Yousseph Slimani in 1971, who had a UK No.1 hit single in 2006 after finishing fifth on The X Factor the previous year?


4.      Which Catherine was the second of King Henry VIII’s wives to be beheaded?

Catherine Howad

5.      What is the connection between the above 4 answers?

The connection is “Marx”s – Karl Marx, Richard Marx (singer), Chico Marx (of the Marx brothers), Howard Marx (drug smuggler/author)