1.       In Yorkshire, “Growler” is the slang term of what kind of pastry item?

Pork Pie


2.       In the 1960s and 1970s, which condiment became known as “Wilsons Gravy” after the then Prime Minister’s wife told the press that he drowned all of his food in it?


HP Sauce


3.       What would you most associate with the Briton Donald McGill?

Saucy Postcards

4.       In the Netherlands he is called Jan Klaasen, in Germany he is Hans Wurst and in Denmark he is Mester Jackal. But what do we call him in the UK?


Mr Punch

5.       There are only two words in the English language that have three consecutive double letters….can you name either?



6.       In 2004, Edwin Morgan was the first person to be appointed as which position?

Scottish National Poet

7.       Serial killer Kenneth Erskine was given a nickname based on the area of London in which his victims lived, and the method he used to murder them. What was his nickname?


Stockwell Strangler

8.       Who was the Acid Bath Murderer?

John Haigh