1 In poetry, an alexandrine is a line of verse comprising how many syllables? 12
2 A group of which birds is known as a Phalanx? Storks
3 The Raymond Revue Bar strip club featured in which Beatles film? Magical Mystery Tour
4 What is the title of late actor Spencer Tracy’s last film? Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
5 The United Nations was created in which US city? San Francisco
6 Which wife of English monarch King Henry VIII was known as ‘The Rose Without a Thorn’? Katherine Howard
7 Tallahassee is the capital of which US state? Florida
8 Oenophobia is the hatred or extreme dislike of which drink? Wine
9 Vientiane is the capital of which Southeast Asian country? Laos
10 Which British television chef has ‘Kitchen Nightmares’? Gordon Ramsay
11 Which London Underground rail line was nicknamed the ‘Twopenny Tube’ for its flat fare? Central Line
12 Luna is the Roman goddess of which celestial body? The Moon
13 The Gelada Baboon is native to which African country? Ethiopia
14 The six masts of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s steamship The Great Eastern were said to be named after what? Days of the week
15 Polydactyl in humans is the condition of having more than the normal number of what? Fingers and/or toes
16 What is the name of the Anthill Mob’s car in the children’s television show ‘Wacky Races’? Bulletproof Bomb
17 Sheila Mercier played which character in the UK television show ‘Emmerdale (Farm)’? Annie Sugden
18 Lake Torrens is in which country? Australia
19 Sir Robert Peel was British Prime Minister for the first time during the reign of which monarch? King William IV
20 How many Summer Olympic Games were held during the 1990’s? Two