1 Apart from white, what colour are the other two ‘triangles’ on the BMW logo? Blue
2 In animals, an onychetomy is the removal of which part of the body? Claws
3 Which Charles Dickens followed ‘Nicholas Nickleby’? The Old Curiosity Shop
4 A conchologist studies what? Shells
5 The Peewee Boyz were Europe’s first all-male what? Cheerleaders
6 Who does a pediatric doctor specialise in treating? Children
7 How many Prime Numbers are there between 1 and 100? 25
8 Which ancient Greek is known as ‘The Father of Medicine’? Hippocrates
9 In 1975, Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of which mountain? Mount Everest
10 Peter Gilchrist is a world champion in which sport? Billiards
11 Neossology is the study of which young creatures? Birds
12 What were the first names of 19th Century circus/fairground owner P T Barnum? Phineas Taylor
13 If a bone is navicular, it is shaped like what? A boat
14 In cooking, what is calamares? Squid
15 Which two months have equinoxes? March and September
16 Port Said stands on which canal? Suez Canal
17 What is the name of the title character in the 2005 animated film ‘Corpse Bride’? Emily
18 What colour light indicates the starboard side of a boat? Green
19 The world’s longest fence is in which country? Australia
20 What is the capital of Jordan? Amman