1 Which sport features line-outs, scrums and conversions? Rugby
1 Which spice is known as the ‘Master Spice’? Pepper
2 ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ is a hit song from the cast of which television series? Glee
3 Which famous historic figure tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605 in ‘The Gunpowder Plot’? Guy Fawkes
4 Which 2009 animated film features a floating house suspended by helium balloons? Up
5 The Golden Gate bridge is in which US city? San Francisco
6 The Great Pyramid is in which country? Egypt
7 Who was the father of English monarch Elizabeth I? Henry VIII
8 Which fictional superhero goes by the name of Bruce Wayne? Batman
9 There are how many in a gross? 144
10 Which fruit from Seville in Spain is usually used to make marmalade? Orange
11 Singer Beyonce Knowles married which rapper in 2008? Jay-Z
12 Which American football team did David Beckham sign up to in 2007? Los Angeles Galaxy
13 Who played Captain Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series of films? Johnny Depp
14 What is the ‘lead’ in pencils made from? Graphite
15 How many ounces in an Imperial pound? 16
16 Pug, Boxer and Chow are all breeds of which animal? Dog
17 Which body of water connects England and France? The English Channel
18 What is the most common element in the Universe? Hydrogen
19 What is the system of raised dots called which blind people use to read with their fingers? Braille
20 Sir Christopher Wren designed which famous London cathedral? St Paul’s