1 The British sportswoman Charlotte Cooper, born in 1870, was famous in which sport? Tennis
2 Nicholas Breakspear, born in the 12th Century, was the first English what? Pope
3 Haneda Airport is in which Asian country? Japan
4 Bob Pettit is associated with which sport? Basketball
5 Apiculture is the raising and care of which creatures? Bees
6 In which part of the human body is the organ of Corti? Ear (cochlea)
7 Who plays Susan Delfino in the US tv series Desperate Housewives? Teri Hatcher
8 What was the name of the boat in which English car and speedboat racer Donald Campbell was killed in 1967? Bluebird K7
9 What type of foodstuff is a cascabel? Chilli pepper
10 The Winter War from 1939 – 1940 was a military conflict between Russia (Soviet Union) and which other country? Finland
11 Who became President of Germany in June 2010? Christian Wulff
12 A curassow is what type of creature? Bird
13 What is the capital of Indonesia? Jakarta
14 Which of Henry Vlll’s wives was known as the Flanders Mare? Anne of Cleves
15 A philogynist likes or admires who? Women
16 A Hereford is what breed of animal? Cow (cattle)
17 What colour are the stars on the national flag of China? Yellow
18 In employment in the UK, what does EOC stand for? Equal Opportunities Commission
19 Where on a horse’s body is the frog? Hoof
20 What was the name of the camp which was set up in Chile when 30 miners where trapped underground? Camp Hope
21 The litas is the former monetary unit of which country? Lithuania
22 Jah, Afrocentrism, Ital, Zion and Cannabis use are the main doctrines of which religious movement? Rastafari
23 During World War 2, what did the Local Defence Volunteers later became known as? The Home Guard
24 In 1991, a spoof Nobel Prize, called The Ig Nobel Prize, for achievements that cannot or should not be repeated was instigated by which US university? Harvard
25 Which vegetable was the first to be canned? Peas
26 Which US state is known as the ‘Beef State’? Nebraska
27 Anime is film animation originating in which country? Japan
28 In computers, the X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System is now known as what? Cursor
29 How many times zones does Russia have? Eleven
30 Which country has the internet domain ‘.ch’? Switzerland

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