Which ancient people give their name to Swabia and also established the first independent post-Roman state in Europe, in Iberian Galicia in 410AD? Suebi
What herb is added to Double Gloucester cheese to make Cotswold cheese? Chive
Which large post-Roman state covered southern Portugal, most of Spain and a small part of south-western France? Visigothic Kingdom
A scansorial bird or animal is good at doing what? Climbing
Which fictional scarecrow married Earthy Mangold? Worzel Gummidge
What was the forename of Domenico Scarlatti’s composer father? Alessandro
Couto Misto was an independent micro-nation for many years on the border of which two countries? Spain and Portugal
Which empire lasted from 27 July 1299 to 29 October 1923? Ottoman
Lazistan was an ancient state on the borders of Turkey and which other country? Georgia
What was the potentially confusing name of the territory now covered by Azerbaijan? (Caucasian) Albania
Which man founded an empire in Kandahar in 1747 and is regarded as the founder of the modern nation of Afghanistan? Ahmad Shah Durrani
Which Kurdish state was founded in 1927 in Eastern Turkey but crushed by the Turks in 1930? Republic of Ararat
Rakhine is the westernmost province of what country? Burma
The modern successors to the Huron confederacy share their name with what breed of farm animal? Wyandotte
Also known as the Haudenosaunee or the “People of the Longhouse”, this is an association of several tribes of indigenous people of North America. Iroquois
Monte Alban was the centre of what Mesoamerican civilization? Zapotec
The name of what alcoholic drink comes from the German for ‘mouthful’? Schnapps
In 2008, which comedian said that in England, George W. Bush “wouldn’t be trusted with a pair of scissors”? Russell Brand
Which Czech player did Sue Barket beat in the final of the French Open 1976? Renáta Tomanová
William Walker created the Republic of Sonora on the territory of what present-day country? Mexico
Formerly an independent republic, Acre is a state in what country? Brazil
Which country seceded from Colombia in 1903? Panama
What was Lesotho’s old name? Basutoland
What region of Uganda is home to the capital, Kampala? Buganda
What town, now in Mali, was the capital of the Songhai empire? Gao