What was the successor of the Republic of the United Netherlands? It was proclaimed on January 19, 1795, and ended on June 5, 1806, with the accession of Louis Bonaparte to the throne of the Kingdom of Holland. Batavian Republic
Namur is a French-speaking province of what country? Belgium
What is the westernmost of the French-speaking provinces of Belgium? Hainaut
Which Greek island is called Negroponte in Italian? Euboea
Which Italian republic had exactly the same flag as England’s present flag? Genoa
Which Italian republic controlled the Crimean coast for 200 years from 1266? Genoa
Which 1718-1720 war saw the defeat of Spain by an alliance of Britain, France, Austria and the Dutch Republic? War of the Quadruple Alliance
Which kingdom on the Italian mainland historically controlled Sardinia? Piedmont
Which empire covering the Caucasus and Southern Russia from 448 to 1048 converted to Judaism? Khazars
Who was the first ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge? Jacob Marley
Agnes Fleming is the mother of which Dickens character? Oliver Twist
What is the name of Dumbledore’s pet phoenix? Fawkes
What is the name of Hermione’s pet cat? Crookshanks
What is Harry’s favourite drink in the Three Broomsticks Inn? Butterbeer
Who was revealed as the Half Blood Prince? Severus Snape
Which play ended with Benedick marrying Beatrice? Much Ado About Nothing
The Stephen King short story The Body was later adapted into which film? Stand By Me
Under what name did Stephen King write The Running Man? Richard Bachman
Which fictional detective owned a pet bloodhound called Pedro? Sexton Blake
What is the first name of Miss Marple? Jane
What Benjamin Disraeli novel has the subtitle ‘The New Crusade’? Tancred
Which Spanish kingdom controlled at its height in 1443 Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, southern Italy and Attica? Aragon
In the early c13, the Latin Empire was centred on which city? Constantinople
What Turkish soldiers of slave origin fought in the Levant in the mediaval era and defeated the Catholic Kingdom of Jerusalem? Mamelukes
Which people’s name for their province/empire/country is Bod in their native language? Tibet
The Seljuk empire was eventually conquered by which civilisation? Mongols
Found in many British lakes, the gwyniad is a member of what fish family? Salmon
Also called the artichoke thistle, what is a thistle-like plant in the aster family? It is the naturally occurring form of the same species as the globe artichoke. Cardoon
Which Harold Pinter play tells its story in reverse chronological order? Betrayal
What verb means to turn a ship on its side for cleaning? Careen
Who founded the Mauryan empire in India? Chandragupta Maurya
Which (supposedly) non-lethal weapon was named by the inventor after his childhood hero ‘Tom Swift’? TASER
The largest capacity stadium in the NFL is the FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.  Which team play there ? Washington Redskins