Which French tennis player is nicknamed Sliderman, due to his unusual technique of sliding, particularly on clay surfaces? Gael Monfils
Which Premiership footballer is Jo Wilfried Tsonga’s cousin? Charles N’Zogbia
Irish hurling, football and horse racing commentator; between 1938 and 1985 his enthusiasm and a memorable turn of phrase endeared him to many. He is still regarded as the original ‘voice of Gaelic games’. Michael O’Hehir
Which partly animal name is given to the routes by which sympethisers, including Bishop Hudal, of Nazis allowed them to escape Europe for South America in the late 1940s? Ratlines
In WW2, what was the Widerstand? German resistance
What is Indiana Jones’ real first name? Henry (Walton)
What kind of hat does Indiana Jones wear? A fedora
What is the name of the tiny folding scooter that was sold by Honda in the early 1980s? Motocompo
The son of a Mississippi sharecropper, who rose to prominence performing his own unique style of ‘talking blues’ that was his trademark? John Lee Hooker
What was unusual about the star of the video game Captain Novolin (1992), which was sponsored by a pharmaceutical company? He had diabetes
If a Greek statue exhibited anasyrma, what would the figure be doing? Lifting up her skirt
Which Super League side play at the Gilbert Brutus stadium? Catalans Dragons
Which originally Scottish word, now spelt in English with seven letters, was first used by Sir Walter Scott in the sense of ‘an indefinable quality or magical power that someone possesses’? Glamour
In which county would you find the Stiperstones? Shropshire
Lord Triesman had to resign as FA head after being caught suggesting that which two countries might bribe referees at the 2010 World Cup? Russia and Spain
When Lavoisier was guillotined, who said ‘It took only a moment to cut off that head, but 100 years may not produce another one like it’? Lagrange
Which Swiss mathematician, who died in 1705, has an Archimedian spiral on his tomb? Bernoulli
Which river links Lake Baikal to the Arctic Ocean and is the middle of the three great Russian rivers that flow to it? Yenisei
Who is best known for starring as the evil and ambitious Livia in I, Claudius, and was once married to Peter O’Toole? Sian Phillips
Which portion of the earth’s interior occupies the space between the Mohorovicic and the Gutenberg discontinuities? Mantle
Which Australian ballet star did Margot Fonteyn call her favourite co-dancer and later appeared as the Child Catcher in the film of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Robert Helpmann
In which city was Nijinsky born? Kiev
Which grape is most associated with white wines from the Loire region and has a name derived from the French for nutmeg? Muscadet
Gaude Glorioso Dei Mater and Puer Natus Est Nobis are works by which English composer? Thomas Tallis
Coined by American sociologist Harold Garfinkel, what word means the study of the methods by which individuals accomplish their daily actions and make sense of their social world? Ethnomethodology
Which famous UK comedian was born in Enfield in 1980? Russell Kane
The bizone and the trizone were predecessors of which European country founded in 1949? West Germany
Aksai Chin, a desert the size of Belgium, is disputed between which two countries? India and China
Wolfgang Schmieder catalogued the works of which composer, his name not appearing in the numbers themselves? Bach (BWV)
The American musicologist Franklin B Zimmerman compiled a catalogue of the works of which c17 English composer? Henry Purcell
What links the poisoning of King Pelias of Thessaly, the writing of Cyrano de Bergerac by Rostand, and the axe murder of Agamemnon? They all took place in a bath
Which Russian river was regarded by the ancient Greeks as the boundary between Europe and Asia and was called the Tanais? Don
As in the name of the ship, what does the French word Temeraire actually mean? Boldness
Which book first appeared in 1900 and was edited by Arthur Quiller-Couch in a revised edition in 1939? The Oxford Book of English Verse
Who stood as the Labour candidate for Hertfordshire East in the 1964 general election, not being elected? Dennis Potter
In 2010, J G Farrell won which award with Troubles? The ‘Lost’ Man Booker Prize from 1970
Which single word refers to a family of techniques in which electromagnetic waves are superimposed in order to extract information about the waves? Interferometry
Which 1887 experiment gave evidence for the Theory of Relativity? Michelson-Morley
What did Charles H Townes invent in 1954? The maser
Large red shift and very high luminosity are features indicating which powerful, distant celestial objects? Quasars
The right of a criminal suspect to remain silent was enshrined in Judges Rules in which decade? 1910s
Bentley Brook Inn in Derbyshire is home to which unusual championships? Toe wrestling
Which French graphic artist invented chess boxing? Enki Bilal
In which book by Will Self are the rantings of a c20 taxi driver in London treated as a c21 religion? The Book of Dave
Which German novelist is know for The Reader? Bernhard Schlink
Which well-known Muslim term literally means ‘coarse wool’, from the cloaks its adherents wore? Sufi
In the Divine Comedy, those guilty of which sin have had their eyes stitched with iron wire? Envy
In the Divine Comedy, those guilty of which sin must run endlessly around the mountain of Purgatory? Sloth
In 365AD, which Mediterranean island was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami? Crete
The island of Santorini is also called what? Thera
The Italian painter Parmigianino is most famous for his rendition of the Madonna with what? The Long Neck
The unfinished Madonna by Michaelangelo in the National Gallery shares its name with which English city? Manchester
John Tenniel’s Punch cartoon ‘Dropping the Pilot’ concerned which man? Bismarck
The eponychium is a thin fold of skin found where in the human body? Fingernail
In astronomy, which adjective describes a planet whose rotation is the opposite sense to its orbit? Retrograde
Which town, where Sydney Harbour Bridge was manufactured, got its name because it is halfway between Whitby and Durham? Middlesbrough
Which publishing imprint was launched in 1946 with The Odyssey? Penguin Classics
The Battle of Tewkesbury allowed which man to reclaim the throne? Edward IV
This semi-frozen dessert is made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is related to sorbet and italian ice. However, in most of Sicily, it has a coarser, more crystalline texture. Granita
Which painter, born in Paris in 1848, is grouped with the impressionists but his paintings are far more realistic than theirs are? He is best known for his street scenes of Paris in the rain. Gustave Caillebotte
Which author’s second novel is called Something Happened? Joseph Heller