What is the collective name of the semitendinotus, the semi membraneous and biceps femoris muscles? Hamstrings
Which Babylonian king conquered Jerusalem? Nebuchadnezzar
Which human rights lawyer defended the National Theatre during Mary Whitehouse’s unsuccessful case against The Romans in Britain? Geoffrey Robertson
Which man defended the Guardian against Jonathan Aitken, Jeremy Thorpe against a charge of murder and Ken Dodd for tax evasion? George Carman
Which Greek term means trial and error and is applied to problem-solving? Heuristic
Who was known for his ‘The Man Who’ cartoons? H M Bateman
Who wrote the Afghanistan-set The Man Who Would be King in 1888? Rudyard Kipling
The song Heart and Soul was written by which man, with lyrics by Frank Loesser? Hoagy Carmichael
In which English town is The Public, an arts centre well-known for its daring architecture, described as ‘a shoe box with blobby windows’? West Bromwich
Science writer John Gribbin has also published a biography of which singer? Buddy Holly
Who directed the Usual Suspects, the first two X-Men films, Superman Returns and Valkyrie? Bryan Singer
His first major play, Frühlings Erwachen (Spring Awakening, 1891), which concerns sexuality and puberty among some young German students, caused a scandal, as it contained scenes of homoeroticism, implied group male masturbation, actual male masturbation, sado-masochism between a teenage boy and girl, rape, and suicide, as well as references to abortion. In 2006, it was adapted into a successful Broadway musical, Spring Awakening. Which German playwright? Frank Wedekind
What is the name of the wrsetler played by Micky Rourke in the 2009 film? Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson
The compilation album Now 1 featured two songs by which band? UB40
Who directed Hiroshima Mon Amour and Last Year at Marienbad? Alain Resnais
Who wrote Q and A, later filmed as Slumdog Millionaire? Vikas Swarup
A Most Wanted Man by John Le Carre concerns the global war on terror and is set in which city? Hamburg
Who wrote the song Hallelujah? Leonard Cohen
The theatre group Kneehigh originate from which British county? Cornwall
Which 2008 film saw Burt Reynolds as a washed up Hollywood star thinking is is being invited to play Shakespeare in Stratford on Avon but instead it’s an amateur production in Stratford St John, Suffolk? A Bunch of Amateurs
The Emmy-award winning documentary The Beckoning Silence was about climbing which mountain? The Eiger
Which lesbian American poet (1911-1979), famed for her friendship with Robert Lowell, was the Poet Laureate of the United States from 1949 to 1950, a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1956 and a National Book Award Winner for Poetry in 1970? Elizabeth Bishop
Which classic of c20 literature was written on a long scroll of paper that is still occasionally unfurled at museums and galleries worldwide? On The Road
Which American composer was born in December 1908 and is still alive as of November 2010? Elliott Carter
In 2008, what became the fastest-selling DVD of all time in the UK? Mamma Mia
Tate Britain has a room dedicated to his work. Which influential abstract artist worked in St Ives with Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth and later created the controversial pavilion at Peterlee new town? Victor Pasmore
Who wrote Maus, the comic-book treatment of the Second World War? Art Spiegelmann
What is the natural limit to the luminosity of stars, named for a British astrophysicist who was played by David Tennant on TV in 2008? The Eddington Limit
Which German artist created slides which spiralled down Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall in 2006, and created a functioning hotel room in New York’s Guggenheim Museum? Carsten Hoeller
Under what name did Paul McCartney record an album of ambient music in 1993? The Fireman
Which Japanese American supporter of gay rights played Mr Sulu in Star Trek? George Takei
Which Kentucky-born singer-songwriter also stars in films and has his own brand of supermarket food, called Bakersfield Biscuits? Dwight Yoakam
Which Norwegian composer, percussionist and jazz performer has a habit of performing on instruments not usually associated with the genre? His piece de resistance is a three-foot horn made entirely of 2500-year-old ice from a Norwegian glacier. Terje Isungset
Who was the director of Waltz With Bashir? Ari Folman
In his victory speech, Barack Obama referred to the phrase A Change is Gonna Come, associated with which singer-songwriter? Sam Cooke
Which British playwright and memoirist, author of The Smoking Diaries and the Last Cigarette, died, perhaps predictably, of lung cancer in 2008? Simon Gray
Which computer game, launched in 2007 and with sackboy/sackgirl/sackperson as its main protagonist, was praised for its pioneering use of user-generated content, where players could design new levels of their own? Stephen Fry voices the tutorials. LittleBigPlanet