Which golfing legend was the first to hold all four majors at the same time? Tiger Woods
Graeme Hick played international cricket for England and who? Zimbabwe
What nationality is golfer Tim Clark? South African
Which jockey won his first Derby on Troy in ’79? Willie Carson
Which Olympic champion became Baron of Ranmore in 2000? Sebastian Coe
Scotland has how many racecourses? Five
In 2007, what country retained the America’s Cup? Switzerland
At the 1980 Games Seb Coe won the first of his four Olympic medals in what event? 800m
BASI is the British Association of Instructors in what? Snowsports
Which Grand Slam tournament did Pete Sampras never win? French Open
Between them, father and son trainers Ginger and Donald McCain have won the Grand National how many times? Five
In 1970, who scored in all six of Brazil’s matches to help them win the World Cup? Jairzinho
In the NBA, a basketball shot must be attempted within what time? 24 seconds
Apart from Barcelona and Real Madrid, which club has never been relegated from Spain’s top football division? Atletico Bilbao
Jake Burton Carpenter was a pioneer of what piece of sporting equipment? Snowboard
In American football, how many points for a touchdown? Six
Which England and Yorkshire cricketer wrote the autobiography ‘Ball of Fire’? Fred Truman
What’s the maximum number of balls in a standard game of billiards? Three
The 2012 Olympic Stadium is in which London borough? Newham
In surfing, what is a skeg? Fin under the board
What’s the longest English Classic horse race? St Leger
Which English golfer’s autobiography is entitled ‘Life Swings’?  Nick Faldo
In the sport of takraw, what part of your body are you NOT allowed to use to hit the ball? Hand
With a Timeform rating of 145, which racehorse is rated the greatest of all time? Sea Bird II
What sport is ‘baloncesto’ in Spanish? Basketball
In 1999, what club became the first Irish winners of rugby union’s European Cup? Ulster
How many Olympic golds did Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent win rowing together? Three
How many Chasers in a Quidditch team? Three
Who was the first woman to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award? Anita Lonsbrough
What was footballer Nobby Stiles’ full first name? Norbert
In 1999, which England bowler took an Ashes hat-trick? Darren Gough
Cricketer Garry Sobers was born in what country? Barbados
How old was W.G. Grace when he played his last Test match for England in 1899? Fifty
Full forward, follower and rover are positions in what sport? Aussie rules
What pin is passed through an axle-end to keep a wheel in position? Linchpin
In the ’50s, the ‘Dansette’ was what domestic electrical item? Record player
Which Newcastle-born actor first played a detective in Miss Marple in 1985? Kevin Whately
Which large flatfish is known as Le Roi du Careme or The King of Lent? Turbot
What is the first stage in the formation of coal? Peat
The publishers James Nisbet created what boy and girl in a series of childrens’ reading books from the 1940s onwards? Janet and John
From its creator, what does the J stand for in J-Cloths? Johnson
Which French composer wrote The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, seen in the Disney film ‘Fantasia’? Dukas
In 1997, whose first crime novel was called Deja Dead? Kathy Reichs
In 2011, who won the first ever Indian Grand Prix? Sebastian Vettel
What was the first part of Britain settled by early man? Norfolk coast
What did prehistoric hand-axes used to be called? Thunderbolts
St Nicholas’s church where is the largest parish church in the country? Great Yarmouth
What insect is called a ‘jasper’ in Norfolk? Wasp
Canary pudding is flavoured with which fruit? Lemon
Which father and son, both Chancellors, died on the same day 70 years apart? Randolph and Winston Churchill
What layer covering a mollusc secretes the shell? Mantle (also called pallium)
The name of what igneous rock comes from the Latin for ‘smooth’? Gabbro
Countess Olenska, Newland Archer and May Welland are characters in what Wharton novel? The Age of Innocence
Produced on the London stage in 1980, an 8.5 hour long adaptation of what Dickens book set new records for length? Nicholas Nickleby
The Coast of Utopia is a nine-hour long trilogy of plays from 2002 by who? Tom Stoppard
Which US sci fi author created Riverworld, in which everyone who has ever died is alive? Philip Jose Farmer
What mineral is believed to make up the Earth’s core? Troilite
What unit of pressure is equivalent to 1.33 millibars? Torr
In what range of Italian mountains would you find the Museum in the Clouds? Dolomites
What replaced the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords in 2009? The Supreme Court
Who was the only female member of the Supreme Court when it was established in 2009? Baroness Hale
In a non-fan assisted oven, what is the gas mark equivalent of 180 degrees Celsius? Four
In 1982, what was the first album ever to be released on CD? ABBA- The Visitors
In ancient times, what weapon was a ballista? Catapult
The first commercial transatlantic telephone service began in what decade? 1920s
Which comedian wrote and starred in the 2011 play ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’? Jim Davidson
‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ is a song from what Lloyd Webber musical? Jesus Christ Superstar
In ‘The Sound of Music’, how many von Trapp children are girls? Five
In 2010, which Hollywood star made her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s ‘A View From the Bridge’? Scarlett Johanssen
What ballet company is based at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden? Royal Ballet
Miss Hannigan runs the orphanage in what stage musical? Annie
Which stage musical was based on the pop songs of Boy George? Taboo
Actress Alison Steadman was married to which British playwright? Mike Leigh
Who did Maureen Lipman play in the one-woman show ‘Re: Joyce’? Joyce Grenfell
My Wonderful Day’ and ‘Life of Riley’ are recent plays by which English playwright? Alan Ayckbourn
Which P D James book gets its name from a phrase in The Duchess of Malfi? Cover Her Face
According to the WW1 marching song, which county is ‘by the sea’? Sussex
‘Miss Julie’ and ‘A Dream Play’ are by which playwright? August Strindberg
Joe, Chris and Kate Keller are characters in what Arthur Miller play? All My Sons
Who was ‘Being Shakespeare’ in the West End in 2011? Simon Callow
The TV game show ‘Celebrity Ding-Dong’ was hosted by which comedian? Alan Carr
Food heaven and food hell’ is a feature of what TV cookery show? Saturday Kitchen
Which cult TV show is set in the town of Mystic Falls? The Vampire Diaries
Fictional US President David Palmer featured in what TV show? Twenty Four
Geoffrey Shawcross was the sidekick of which TV sleuth? Hetty Wainthropp
Who plays Kelly Windsor in ‘Emmerdale’? Adele Silva
What was the first name of TV’s Ironside? Robert
Who played ‘Lizzie Maguire’ on children’s TV? Hilary Duff
In the TV series ‘Sapphire and Steel’, which actress played Sapphire? Joanna Lumley
Wentworth Miller played an escaping jailbird in what TV drama series? Prison Break
Who originally narrated ‘The Wombles’? Bernard Cribbins
The TV series Dexter is set in what US city? Miami
George, Jane, Judy and Elroy made up what cartoon family? The Jetsons
Jeff Hordley plays which ‘Emmerdale’ rogue? Cain Dingle
Who played Oz Osborne in ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’? Jimmy Nail
Who played Philippa in the TV sitcom ‘dinnerladies’? Celia Imrie
Which comedienne spoofed Amy Winehouse in her ‘Big Ass Show’? Katy Brand
Documentary series ‘A Passage Through India’ was presented by which comedy actress? Caroline Quentin
What TV drama featured the King’s Own Fusiliers army regiment? Soldier, Soldier
Who played Martin in ’80s sitcom ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’? Richard Briers
The opening episode of TV comedy ‘The Black Adder’ was set on the eve of what battle? Bosworth Field
What was Dr McCoy’s nickname on ‘Star Trek’? Bones
Which model agency is the subject of the TV documentary series ‘The Model Agency’? Premier
DS Jackie Reid features in what long-running TV drama? Taggart
In ‘Coronation Street’ Doris Speed played which Rovers Return landlady? Annie Walker
In the TV series ‘The Smurfs’ who was the first female Smurf? Smurfette
Which vintage TV quiz show featured the famous ‘Yes-No’ section? Take Your Pick
Which member of the original ‘Have I Got News For You’ team is youngest? Ian Hislop
Jim Broadbent played Detective Inspector Roy Slater in what TV sitcom? Only Fools and Horses