General Knowledge

1.      Following Brexit, how many countries will there be in the European Union?


2.      Epistaxis is the scientific name of which occurrence in the human body?

Nose Bleed

3.      Easter Island forms part of which South American Country?


4.      Calabrese, Arcadia and Blue Wind are all varieties of which vegetable?


5.      In which English county is Dartmoor national park?




1.      The Watchtower is the official magazine of which religious group?

Jehovah’s Witness

2.      The Vedas are a large body of scripture in which religion?


3.      What religion is the Dalai Lama?


4.      What is the name of the Islamic holy month?


5.      Shinto is an ethnic religion of the people of which country?




1.      In 2017 Real Madrid became the first team in 27 years to defend the Champions League/European Cup. Who were the last team to achieve this feat?

AC Milan

2.      In Basketball, how many points in 1 free throw worth?


3.      Which British golfer holds the record for the most overall wins in Ryder Cup history matches with a total of 23?

Nick Faldo

4.      How many hurdles are there in an Olympic 110m Hurdles race?


5.      In which sport do teams compete for the Webb Ellis cup?

Rugby Union


1 Question Five Answers (1 point each)

Question – David Bowie had 5 UK number 1 singles. Name them….

Space Oddity


Ashes to Ashes


Under Pressure


Let’s Dance


Dancing in the Street




1.      In which year was the infamous Gunpowder plot?


2.      Which of Adolf Hitler’s famous associates was the official “Minister of public enlightenment and propaganda”?

Joseph Goebbels

3.      Who resigned as Prime Minister of the UK in 1923 due to ill health – Andrew Bonar Law, Anthony Eden, Herbert Asquith or Ramsay McDonald?

Andrew Bonar Law

4.      True or False – The event known as the Boston Tea Party took part in 1851?

False – it was 1773

5.      In what decade of the 20th Century did India gain independence from Britain?




1.      Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner played the parents of 3 troublesome children in which BBC comedy series?


2.      In TV advertising, Zingy is the mascot of which energy company?

EDF Energy

3.      In which current TV soap would you find a pub called “The Dog in the Pond”?


4.      Who plays Alec Hardy in the ITV series Broadchurch?

David Tennant

5.      What are the first names of the TV crime fighting duo – Cagney and Lacey?

Christine and Mary Beth


Science and Nature

1.      What part of the human body has more bones – The hand of the foot?

The Hand

2.      What is the second largest planet of the Solar System?


3.      A leveret is the young of which animal?


4.      The “Pascal” is a unit of measurement of what?


5.      Gossamer is a substance produced by which creates?










1.      Southampton and Portsmouth can be found in which English country?


2.      Which 2004 film stars Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler and follows the life of man who takes care of his daughter in the midst of tragedy?

Jersey Girl

3.      Which English city lies at the confluence of the Rivers Ouse and Fosse?


4.      Which country hosted the 1968 Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup in both 1970 and 1986?


5.      What is the connection between the above 4 answers…

You add the word “New” to give the name of an American State