1 Where would you find Traux Field Airport? Dakota, Wisconsin, Raleigh, Washington Wisconsin
2 Where would you find Zvartnots airport? Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Moscow Armenia
3 Where would you fund Subang airport? Armenia, North Korea, Bangladesh, Malaysia Malaysia
4 Where would you the airport with the code AMS? Netherlands, Paris, USA, Turkey Netherlands
5 Which African city is home to the Murtaia Muhammed Airport? Cairo, Casablanca, Lagos, Abuja Lagos
6 Which African country is home to the airline Mango? Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco South Africa
7 Which African country is home to Les Angades Airport? Morocco, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Tunisia Morocco
8 Which African country is home to Point Noire Airport? Nigeria, South Africa, Mali, Congo Congo
9 Which African country is home to the airline Camair-Co? Tunisia, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon Cameroon
10 Which African nation is home to the Flitestar airline? Tunisia, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa South Africa
11 Which African nation is home to the airline DETA? Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique Mozambique
12 Which airline has “The Best Care in the Air” as its logo? Virgin, South-western, Midwest, Cathay Midwest
13 Which airline has “The spirit of Australia” on its logo? Quantas, KLM, Lan, BA Quantas
14 Which airline has its based at Sheremetyevo airport? Iberia, Aeroflot, IAG, Lion Air Aeroflot
15 Which airline, as of 2012, has the most passengers per year? Delta Airlines, South West Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines United Airlines
16 Which airport has the code ATL? O Hare, Hartsfield-Jackson, Dallas Fort Worth, Los Angeles International Hartsfield-Jackson
17 Which Airport is home to LAN Airlines? Santiago, Buenos Aries, Montevideo, Rio Santiago
18 Which Airport is the base of Mesa Airlines? Boston, Atlanta, New York, Phoenix Phoenix
19 Which Airport is the base of US Airways? Phoenix, Atlanta, New York, Boston Phoenix
20 Which artists name features in the name of Italy’s busiest airport? Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci