1 Carpal tunnel syndrome affects which part of the body? Wrist, Heels, Throat, Toes Wrist
2 Cholecystitis affects what part of the human body? Gall Bladder, , Liver, Eyes Gall Bladder
3 Cirrhosis and hepatitis affect which major bodily organ? Brain, Liver, Lungs, Stomach Liver
4 Crural refers to which body part? Head, Arm, Leg, Foot Leg
5 Cubital refers to which body part? Shoulder, Foot, Forearm, Calf Forearm
6 Cuboids bones are found in which part of the human body? Ear, Leg, Skull, Chest Leg
7 Doctor Christian Barnard performed the first successful transplant of which human organ? , Pancreas, Heart, Kidney Heart
8 Endocarditis affects which human organ? Heart, Stomach, , Spleen Heart
9 Fibula’s are found where? Chest, Leg, Ear, Skull Leg
10 From the Greek for ?kidney?, what is the study of the kidney? Oncology, Nephrology, Dermatology, Endocrinology Nephrology
11 Glandular Fever is other wise known as…? Snogging Disease, Hugs Disease, Kissing Disease, Cuddling Disease Kissing Disease
12 Hepatic refers to which organ? Lung, Liver, Kidney, Brain Liver
13 How heavy is an average human brain? 1.5kg, , 3kg, 5kg 1.5kg
14 How is the disease varicella better known? Chickenpox, Shingles, Diabetes, Mumps Chickenpox
15 How is the scapula better known? Forearm, Shoulder-blade, Kneecap, Toe Shoulder-blade
16 How is the tympanum better known? Wrist, Nose, Eye, Eardrum Eardrum
17 How is the white cartilage found in the shoulder better known? Particualr, Articular, Particular, Narticular Articular
18 How many “meridians” are there in the human body? 6, 34, 24, 12 12
19 How many bones are located in the human Sternum? 1, 8, 4, 10 1
20 How many bones are there in a human throat? 1, 11, 4, 8 1