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1 Matisse belonged to which artistic school? Pop Art, Fauvism, Surrealism, Impressionism
2 McNeill was the middle name of which famous artist? Whistler, Johns, Renoir, Warhol
3 Millais “Bubbles” was famously used in an advert for which product? Coca Cola, Campbell’s Soup, The New York Times, Pears Soap
4 Music in the Tuileries is a major early work by which Impressionist artist? Monet, Pissaro, Manet, Degas
5 Name the artist who famously said “The eye exists in a primitive stage”? Dali, Man Ray, Dupas, Le Corbusier
6 Nave Nave Moe is an 1894 work by which artist? Paul Gaugin, Paul Livermore, Paul Cezanne, Edvard Munch
7 Olympia, painted in 1963, is a major work which Artist? Degas, Pissaro, Manet, Monet
8 On which Cathedral would you find Correggio’s “Assumption of the Virgin”? Parma, Florence, Venice, Milan
9 Paint made using Egg Yolk is called…? Sempera, Dempera, Tempera, Mempera
10 Phillip IV of Spain had which famous artist as his Court Painter? Hans Holbein, Van Dyck, Goya, Velazquez
11 Pissaro belonged to which artistic school? Impressionism, Surrealism, Dada, Cubism
12 Poussin’s most famous work is “A Dance to the Music of…”? Day, People, The Night, Time
13 Provincetown II was a 1959 work by which painter? Escher, Kline, Degas, Klee
14 Queen Maria Lusia of Spain was the Patroness of which artist? Picasso, Goya, Titian, El Greco
15 Robert Delaunay was what nationality? French, English, Dutch, Spanish
16 Roy Lichtenstein belonged to which artistic school? Pop Art, Cubism, Mannerism, Impressionism
17 Simultaneous Works on the City, 1912, was a work by which Painter? Picasso, Delaunay, Braque, Matisse
18 Socialist Realism emerged in which country? Japan, USSR, USA, Germany
19 Sonia Delaunay hailed from which country? Belarus, Latvia, Russian, Ukraine
20 Starry Night is a famous work by which painter? Picasso, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Kandinsky