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1 Who painted the 1874 work, The Dance Class, depicting a ballet performance? Monet, Van Gogh, Manet, Degas
2 The terminology of ballet is generally derived from which language? French, German, Spanish, English
3 How many acts are there in The Nutcracker, a famous ballet? Three, One, Two, Four
4 Who composed the music for The Nutcracker? Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Rimsky-Korsakov
5 In which century did the word ballet come into the English language? 19th, 17th, 21st, 15th
6 The Greek word ?ballizo? means what in its original form (in ballet)? Swing, Move, Jump about, Reach
7 An 1869 Leon Minkus ballet was named after which literary character (in ballet)? Coriolanus, Don Quixote, Richard III, King Lear
8 In what year was the San Francisco Ballet founded? 1937, 1933, 1935, 1931
9 Which word, of Greek origin, is given to the area of a theatre surrounding the stage opening? Mound, Proscenium, Ballare, Arch
10 Who composed The Creatures of Prometheus (in ballet)? Haydn, Bach, Handel, Beethoven
11 Manuel de Falla composed El amor brujo. What nationality was he (in ballet)? Argentinian, Colombian, Portuguese, Spanish
12 Ballet Comique de la Reine is believed to be the first ballet. What city was it first performed in? New York City, Milan, Venice, Paris
13 A notable ballet theatre, what is the oldest theatre in Moscow? Bolshoi, Vakhtangov, Malyi, Tretyakov
14 Which artist designed the costumes and sets for the ballet Pulcinella? Cassatt, Warhol, Degas, Picasso
15 In what year was the first known ballet performed? 1575, 1581, 1593, 1587
16 Complete the name of this ballet performance: Ritual — Dance. Wind, Fire, Water, Sea
17 Which birthday is now observed as International Dance Day (in ballet)? Jean-Georges Naverre, Alexander Glazunov, Paul Dukas, Igor Stravinsky
18 Who composed Orpheus (in ballet)? Stravinsky, Panufnik, Prokofiev, Dukas
19 What is the term for a dance for two people (in ballet)? Duet, Waltz, Duo, Pas de deux
20 As in demi-plie, what is the meaning of the word demi (in ballet)? Both, Less, Two, Half