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1 What is the correct name of an airport locate in Bonaire? Flamingo Field, Parrot Field, Turkey Field, Tiger Field
2 What is the correct name of the airport found in Catania, Sicily? Montanarossa, Pontanarossa, Fontanarossa, Dontanarossa
3 What is the name of the airport in Yerevan, Armenia? Zaventum, Zia, Yoff, Zvartnots
4 What is the name of the Airport lying in Washington? Mulles, Pulles, Dulles, Culles
5 What is the official airport code for The Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport? HAI, IAH, IAB, IAA
6 What is the official code for Orlando International Airport? ORL, COM, OCM, MCO
7 What male name appears in the name of the airport in Charlotte, NC? Douglas, David, Damien, Daniel
8 What US City shares a name with an Airport in Helsinki? Lincoln, Miami, San Diego, Washington
9 What Us State is home to Mcnary Field Airport? Florida, New York, Oregon, Maine
10 What word precedes Brunei Airlines in the name of their national airline? Great, Royal, Pan, Sultan
11 Where in the US would you find Midway airport? Houston, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco
12 Where is the airline Augusta Airways based? USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia
13 Where is the HQ of Southwest Airlines? Dallas, Chicago, New York, Washington
14 Where is the HQ of Virgin Airlines? Durham, Norwich, Burton, Crawley
15 Where would find the airline JAL? Jordan, Libya, England, Japan
16 Where would you find Changi Airport? India, Singapore, Dubai, Pakistan
17 Where would you find Heathrow Airport? Glasgow, London, Paris, Madrid
18 Where would you find Kungsangen Airport? Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden
19 Where would you find Piarco Airport? Bermuda, Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas
20 Where would you find the home of Tam Linhas Aereas? Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil