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1 Which of these is the name for a ballet enthusiast? Balletor, Balletophile, Ballerina, Balletomane
2 What name is given to the skirt worn during a ballet performance? Blanc, Tutu, Dress, Skirtine
3 In Swan Lake, what is the name of the princess turned into a swan by an evil curse? Yvette, Camille, Julie, Odette
4 What nationality was the man who devised the Cecchetti method (in ballet)? Bolivian, Spanish, Italian, American
5 What name is given to the ballet technique that deviates from classical with unusually fast tempos? Neoliberal, Focusi, Neoclassical, Classique
6 How was Sergei Diaghilev usually referred to outside Russia (in ballet)? Gei, Serge, Ilev, Dia
7 What does the Italian term adagio mean (in ballet)? High, Quick, Low, Slow
8 Which of these ballets was not written by Tchaikovsky? Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake
9 Aplomb refers to the stability of what (in ballet)? The stage, The position, The performance, The theatre
10 What is turnout (in ballet)? Number of ballet acts, Final pose of a ballet dance, Outward position of hips, Number of audience members
11 How many basic foot positions exist in classical ballet? Ten, Twenty, Five, Fifteen
12 What piece of equipment is used for preparation and warming up (in ballet)? Epee, Step, Pole, Barre
13 Which ballet term means ?behind?? En dedans, Derriere, En dehors, Devant
14 In the world of court ballets, what was a libretto? An extra character, An audience, A printed explanation, A stage
15 What ballet was performed at the wedding of Henry of Navarre and Catherine of Valois? Pulcinella, Le paradis d’amour, La raison d’etre, Le regne de la joie
16 What does the term ?ballerina? actually mean? Male dancer, Female dancer, Great dancer, Strong dancer
17 The ?Ballet des Polonais? was staged to honour which country’s ambassadors? France’s, Portugal’s, Switzerland’s, Poland’s
18 What letter replaces the ‘a’ in ballerina to describe a male dancer? o, t, e, f
19 Whose work introduced the concept of the proscenium stage (in ballet)? Noverre, Richelieu, Bournonville, Petipa
20 What does the term ?cabriole? mean (in ballet)? Dance, Fast, Step, Caper