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1 Which of these was the name of a charting acting from the 1950s? Link Ray, Link Rae, Link Wray, Link Wrae
2 Which of these was the name of a charting band in the 1950s? The Five Keys, The Three Keys, The Two Keys, The Four Keys
3 Which of these was the name of a successful 1950s group? The Del Normans, The Del Romans, The Del Vikings, The Del Hans
4 Which of these was the real name of a charting 1950s group? The Three Satins, The Six Satins, The Two Satins, The Five Satins
5 Which of these was the title of a 1952 chart topper from Leory Anderson? Orange Tango, White Tango, Blue Tango, Red Tango
6 Which of these was the title of a 1956 No.2 hit for Fats Domino? Blueberry Park, Blueberry Park, Blueberry Range, Blueberry Hill
7 Which of these was the title of a 1957 hit for Chuck Willis? CC Rider, CC Minder, CC Tiger, CC Glider
8 Which of these was the title of a 1959 Everly Brothers song? Poor Julie, Poor Lucy, Poor Jenny, Poor Susie
9 Which of these was the title of Bobby Darin’s first million selling single? Dib Dab, Tick Tock, Clip Clap, Splish Splash
10 Which one of the following is the name of a chart topping 1950s act? Perry Faith, Percy Faith, Paul Faith, Peter Faith
11 Which pop star was married to Sandra Dee? Elvis Presley, Duane Eddy, Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin
12 Which pop star won a Golden Globe in 1962 for his role in Come September? Bobby Darin, Duane Eddy, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley
13 Which popstar co-starred alongside John Wayne in the Western hit Rio Bravo? Sam Cooke, Johnny Otis, Hank Ballad, Ricky Nelson
14 Which Ricky Nelson track was the first Number 1 on the newly formed Us Billboard 100? Stood Up, Someday, Poor Little Fool, Lonesome Town
15 Which singer had a breakthrough hit with A Teenagers Romance? Hank Ballad, Ricky Nelson, Johnny Otis, Sam Cooke
16 Which singer had a hit in 1953 with “C ‘est Si Bon”? Rosemary Clooney, Eartha Kitt, Toni Arden, Pearl Bailey
17 Which singer had his first top 10 hit with “Aint That a Shame” in 1955? Fats Domino, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles
18 Which singer played Catwoman in the Batman TV series? Eartha Kitt, Pearl Bailey, Rosemary Clooney, Toni Arden
19 Which singer played Johnny Fontane in The Godfather? Les Paul, Al Martino, Tony Bennet, Mario Lanza
20 Which singer released “The Italian Voice of….” in the 1950s? Tony Bennet, Mario Lanza, Al Martino, Les Paul