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1 What is the women’s equivalent of the PGA Tour? FPGA Tour, GPGA Tour, WPGA Tour, LPGA Tour
2 What is between the tee and the green? Fairway, Go Away, Milesaway, Longway
3 What do golfers traditionally shout when teeing off? Sore!, Bore!, Fore!, More!
4 Which of these is NOT one of the four golf majors? US Open, The Open, Ryder Cup, US Masters
5 Which club is usually used on the green? Utter, Putter, Mutter, Stutter
6 Which of these would you NOT find on a golf course? Harbour, Fairway, Green, Bunker
7 Who notoriously ‘bogied’ his drive early one Friday morning in November 2009? Colin Montgomery, Podraig Harrington, Tiger Woods, Ernie Els
8 What’s the name of the person who carries the golfer’s bag? Canister, Caddy, Cask, Barrel
9 What are the sandpits called on a golf course? Dunkers, Bunkers, Bankers, Sunkers
10 One below par is known how? Doggie, Bunny, Duckie, Birdie
11 PGA Champion Davis Love has which number after his name? I, IV, III, II
12 What does the G in PGA stand for? Gold, Ghoul, Goal, Golf
13 Frank is the name of the tiger golf club cover owned by whom? Ernie Els, Vijay Singh, Tom Kite, Tiger Woods
14 Colin Montgomerie is from which country? England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
15 What does the P in PGA stand for? Professional, Portishead, ProAm, Pitch
16 Which golfer was born ‘Eldrick’? Vijay Singh, Tom Kite, Ernie Els, Tiger Woods
17 Which is the only Major to be held on the same course every year? The Open, US Open, US Masters, Ryder Cup
18 Which golfer is from Fiji? Vijay Singh, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods, Seve Ballesteros
19 Which country does Tiger Woods represent? UK, Australia, USA, South Africa
20 In which country was golf banned in 1457? America, Wales, England, Scotland