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1 In what year was Pablo Picasso born? 1861, 1821, 1881, 1841
2 In what year was Rene Magritte born? 1918, 1938, 1898, 1958
3 In which American city is the Guggenheim Museum? San Diego, New York, Washington, Dallas
4 In which century did Abstract Art originate? 17th, 20th, 19th, 18th
5 In which city did Abstract Expressionism originate? Paris, London, New York, Rome
6 In which city is the Louvre? Paris, Rome, London, Vienna
7 In which city was David Hockney born? Liverpool, London, Leeds, Bradford
8 In which city would you find the Hermitage Art Gallery? London, Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg
9 In which country was Arhsile Gorky born? Andorra, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia
10 In which country was Gustav Klimt born? Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France
11 In which English city was Damien Hirst born? Bristol, London, Sheffield, Manchester
12 In which US city was Andy Warhol born? Pittsburgh, Seattle, Chicago, New York
13 In which year did Andy Warhol die? 1977, 1987, 1967, 1997
14 In which year did Dada emerge? 1944, 1920, 1916, 1924
15 Jacques-Louis David famously painted “The Death of…”? God, Marat, Jarat, Man
16 Jean Dupas was born in which French city? Paris, Lens, Nantes, Lyon
17 John Audubon was famous for paintings about which animal? Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses
18 Josef Albers was head of Art at which famous university? Cambridge, Yale, Princeton, Oxford
19 Juan Gris was born in which country? France, Spain, Italy, Portugal
20 Keith Haring was born in which country? America, Canada, England, Australia