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1 Which planet has only 2 moons? Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus
2 Which planet has several moons named after Alexander Pope characters? Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter
3 Which planet has surface temperatures ranging from -173 degrees Celsius to 427 degrees Celsius? Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury
4 Which planet has the densest atmosphere of the 4 “terrestrial planets”? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter
5 Which planet has the greatest density? Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury
6 Which planet has the greatest variation in temperature? Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus
7 Which planet has the largest dust storms in the solar system? Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury
8 Which planet has the largest orbital eccentricity? Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Earth
9 Which planet has the second largest moon in the Solar System? Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus
10 Which planet has the shape of an oblate spheroid? Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus
11 Which planet has the smallest tilt of any of the planets? Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars
12 Which planet is also know as The Evening Star? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter
13 Which planet is also known as The Morning Star? Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus
14 Which planet is associated with the Ashen Light Phenomenon? Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars
15 Which planet is closest to the Sun? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth
16 Which planet’s atmosphere is composed mainly of carbon dioxide? Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus
17 Which planet is eighth closest to the Sun? Neptune, Venus, Mars, Earth
18 Which planet is fifth closest to the Sun? Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
19 Which planet is fourth closest to the Sun? Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus
20 Which planet is given its reddish appearance by Iron Oxide? Venus, Earth, Mars, Mercury