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1 What kind of fruit is an Ailsa Craig? Apple, Plum, Tomato, Pear
2 What kind of vegetable is a Carolina Cross? Carrot, Yam, Potato, Watermelon
3 What kind of vegetable is a Chantenay? Turnip, Carrot, Potato, Pea
4 What kind of fruit is a Granache? Mango, Melon, Grape, Grapefruit
5 What male name comes before “Red” in the name of a popular variety of Kiwi? Bill, Ken, David, Bob
6 What name comes before Lear to give the name of a well known variety of Cranberry? Ben, David, Edward, Daniel
7 What name follows Royal in the name given to a well known variety of Cherry? Diana, Elizabeth, Victoria, Ann
8 What name follows White and Green in the title of varieties of Broad Beans? Victoria, Charles, Windsor, Elizabeth
9 What name is given to the berry that is a cross between a Raspberry and a Blackberry? Blueberry, Elderberry, Gooseberry, Loganberry
10 What nickname is sometimes given to the Kohirabi? Turnip Cabbage, Potato Turnip, Cabbage Carrot, Parsnip Cabbage
11 What percentage of a Watermelon is made up of Sugar? 58, 38, 8, 18
12 What percentage of Chestnuts are consumed by the Chinese? 10, 90, 40, 75
13 What percentage of cucumbers are water? 5, 40, 30, 90
14 What place name precedes “Pearmain” in the name of a variety of apple? London, Durham, Worcester, Chesire
15 What precedes Edward in the name of a type of Potato? Prince, Master, King Edward, Knight
16 What season precedes “King” in the name of a variety of Carrot? Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
17 What variety of vegetable is a Pentland? Turnip, Potato, Carrot, Pea
18 What vegetable has the Latin name Apium Graveolens? Celery, Turnip, Cucumber, Potato
19 What vegetable is sometimes given the nickname of “Turnip Cabbage”? Cauliflower, Chicory, Loganberry, Kohirabi
20 What vegetable is the main ingredient of Borscht? Strawberry, Peach, Beetroot, Mango