1 Which Stravinsky ballet features three puppets as the central characters? The Rite of Spring, Coppelia, Petrushka, Orpheus Petrushka
2 Which Tchaikovsky ballet features the ?Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy?? The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Gayane The Nutcracker
3 Which Tchaikovsky ballet features the villainous Lord Rothbart? Gayane, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake Swan Lake
4 What year was La Bayadere first performed (in ballet)? 1880, 1877, 1879, 1878 1877
5 The role of Nikiya in La Bayadere was created as a benefit performance for whom (in ballet)? Anna Pavlova, Irina Baronova, Ekaterina Vazem, Natalia Bessmertnova Ekaterina Vazem
6 Who choreographed the ballets Swan Lake and Don Quixote, among others? Marius Petipa, Jerome Robbins, Martha Graham, Bob Fosse Marius Petipa
7 In which country is La Bayadere set (in ballet)? India, China, Turkey, Italy China
8 Which part of La Bayadere is often performed on its own (in ballet)? Spirits and ghosts, Spirits of the maidens, Wedding ceremony, Kingdom of the shades Kingdom of the shades
9 What moniker was given to the three young principal dancers of the 1930s Ballet Russes? Baby Ballerinas, High Ballerinas, Lady Ballerinas, Male Ballerinas Baby Ballerinas
10 Which disease did George Balanchine die of (in ballet)? Pneumonia, Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, Cancer, AIDS Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
11 In 1972 the New York City Ballet offered an eight-day tribute to which composer? Maurice Ravel, Ludwig van Beethoven, George Frideric Handel, Igor Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky
12 Who wrote the 1938 ballet Billy the Kid? Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copland, Leon Minkus, Claude Debussy Aaron Copland
13 Complete this title of a Domenico Scarlatti ballet: ?The Good-Humoured…?. Women, Ladies, Girls, Guys Ladies
14 A John McCabe ballet shares its name with which English monarch? Edward II, James II, Richard II, Henry II Edward II
15 The term arabesque refers to one leg raised behind and what extended (in ballet)? Foot, Neck, Head, Arm Arm
16 What does the word Bolshoi mean in English (in ballet)? Dance, Fierce, Small, Great Great
17 What was the original name of the Bolshoi Theatre? Petrovsky, Malyi, Kandinsky, Arnovsky Petrovsky
18 In what year was the Bolshoi Theatre opened? 1825, 1829, 1827, 1831 1825
19 Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme was based on a work by which composer (in ballet)? Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Strauss Richard Strauss
20 How many ritual dances are there in The Midsummer Marriage (in ballet)? Five, Seven, Four, Six Four