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1 The Salzburg Festival is associated with which composer? Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Bach
2 Thomas Beecham founded the now world famous Symphony Orchestra in which city? Cardiff, London, Edinbrugh, Manchester
3 To what year did Tchaikovsky dedicate a famous overture? 1812, 1612, 1912, 1712
4 To which composer did Elizabeth I grant a monoply of sheet music? Taverner, Tallis, Purcell, Issac
5 Vannesa-Mae found fame playing which musical instrument? Piano, Violin, Guitar, Flute
6 What does “Da Capo” mean? Lower the pitch, Finish, Play at a higher note, Repeat from beginning
7 What is increasing if using the term “Diminuendo”? Number of singers, Pace, Speed, Volume
8 What is the highest of all the male voices? Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Bass
9 What is the lowest of the female voices? Contralto, Tenor, Mezzo, Soprano
10 What is the lowest of the Soprano voices? Nezzo, Tezzo, Mezzo, Bezzo
11 What is the name given to the orchestral introduction to an Opera? Serenade, Score, Overture, Concrete
12 What is the name of the male voice that lies between Bass and Tenor? Baritone, Alto, Bel Canto, Tenorite
13 What is the name usually given to music composed between 1600-1750? Romantic, Baroque, Modern, Classical
14 What is the nickanme of Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto? Emperor, King, Lord, Ruler
15 What is the nickname of Beethoven’s 5th symphony? Choral, Pastoral, Eroica, Moonlight
16 What name, usually associated with females, is the middle name of Carl Weber? Maria, Carol, Eve, Julia
17 What nationality is the composer John Adams? American, English, Scottish, Canadian
18 What nationality is the composer Kurt Weill? Austrian, Dutch, American, German
19 What nationality was composer Carl Orff? Russian, German, Austrian, Danish
20 What nationality was the composer Bela Bartok? Hungarian, German, Dutch, French