1 Who teamed up with Jay Z in 2010 to release “Forever Young”? Mr Hudson, Mr Colorado, Mr Jones, Mr Smith Mr Hudson
2 Who teamed up with Kesha on the 2013 hit “Crazy Kids”? Dr Dre, Will.I.Am, Usher, Chris Brown Will.I.Am
3 Who teamed up with Pitbull in 2013 to release “Feel This Moment”? Katy Perry, Jessie J, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears Christina Aguilera
4 Who teamed up with Rihanna in 2011 on the hit “We Found Love”? Dr Dre, Usher, David Guetta, Timbaland David Guetta
5 Who teamed up with Rihanna in 2012 to release “Take Care”? Chris Brown, Nas, Nelly, Drake Drake
6 Who teamed up with Rihanna on the 2012 track “Birthday Cake” Chris Brown, Jay Sean, Nelly, Usher Chris Brown
7 Who wanted a “Moment 4 Life” in 2011? Pink, Nicki Minaj, Eve, Alicia Keys Nicki Minaj
8 Who wanted to “Love Somebody” in 2013? Tenth Avenue North, One Direction, Maroon 5, The Killers Maroon 5
9 Who wanted to “Turn up the Music” in 2012? Jay Sean, Usher, Nelly, Chris Brown Chris Brown
10 Who was “Born This Way” in 2011? Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
11 Who was “Bulletproof” in 2010? La Toux, La Poux, La Soux, La Roux La Roux
12 Who was “Looking 4 Myself” according to the title of a 2012 album? Ne Yo, Chris Brown, Drake, Usher Usher
13 Who was “Ridin Solo” in 2010? Nas, Nelly, Jay Sean, Jason Derulo Jason Derulo
14 Who was “Rolling in the Deep” in 2013? Adele, Pink, Jesse J, Beyonce Adele
15 Who was “Too Close” in 2012? Alex Dare, Alex Care, Alex Hare, Alex Mare Alex Care
16 Who was “Wide Awake” in 2012? Pink, Beyonce, Kat Perry, Leona Lewis Kat Perry
17 Who was a “Born Sinner” according to the tile of a 2013 album? D Cole, C Cole, J Cole, M Cole J Cole
18 Who was having “Sweet Dreams” in 2010? Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Nicky Minaj, Carrie Underwood Beyonce
19 Who was having a “Party in the USA” in 2010? Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Hayley Williams, Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
20 Who was in the charts with “Climax” in 2012? Usher, Chris Brown, Ne Yo, Drake Usher