1 Which French word is the official term for a male ballet dancer? Danceur, Dancette, Danceuse, Dancine Danceur
2 What does ?efacee? mean (in ballet)? Slid, Jumped, Obscured, Waltzed Obscured
3 To what does ?faille? refer (in ballet)? To give way, To catch, To slide, To jump in a pair To give way
4 A term used for a dive in ballet takes its name from which of these creatures? Fish, Bird, Fly, Dog Fish
5 Who wrote ?fondu is on one leg what a plie is on two? (in ballet)? Fokine, Petipa, Saint-Leon, Minkus Saint-Leon
6 How many ?fouettes en tournant? is a classical ballet movement? 38, 35, 41, 32 32
7 Who wrote the popular novel, Ballet Shoes? Anna Sewell, Noel Streatfield, Charles Dickens, Jacqueline Wilson Noel Streatfield
8 The 1958 ballet Ondine was intended to showcase which talent? Rudolf Nureyev, Beryl Grey, Gerd Larsen, Margot Fonteyn Margot Fonteyn
9 Choreographer Jerome Robbins worked with Leonard Bernstein on which 1957 film? Jailhouse Rock, 12 Angry Men, Witness for the Prosecution, West Side Story West Side Story
10 The ballet Don Quixote was based on a major work by which author? Jules Verne, Geoffrey Chaucer, Miguel de Cervantes, Chinua Achebe Miguel de Cervantes
11 The ballet Le Roi Candaule was based on which Greek figure’s Histories? Thales, Plato, Herodotus, Hippocratus Herodotus
12 What nationality was Michel Fokine (in ballet)? French, Swiss, Austrian, Russian Russian
13 In Ballet Comique de la Reine Louise, what was Circe able to do? Transform animals into women, Transform men into animals, Transform dirt into gold, Transform water into wine Transform men into animals
14 According to M. de Saint-Hubert, which of the following would have more ?entrees? (in ballet)? Open ballet, Fine ballet, Small ballet, Royal ballet Royal ballet
15 Whose work introduced the idea of the proscenium stage arch (in ballet)? Fokine, Richelieu, Petipa, Balanchine Richelieu
16 Which of the following is true of Louis XIV’s dance career? Never danced, Debuted 1651, retired 1670, Debuted 1630, retired 1678, Debuted 1640, retired 1660 Debuted 1651, retired 1670
17 What is an ?anti-masque? (in ballet)? A response to another work, A mask worn by actors, A stage design, A mimed prelude A mimed prelude
18 Which of these ballet companies is the oldest? London Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Japan National Ballet Paris Opera Ballet
19 Which French king founded the Paris Opera Ballet? Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Louis XVII, Louis XV Louis XIV
20 In which ballet did the first female professional ballerina debut? Le triomphe de l’amour, Swan Lake, La Sylphide, La Bayadere Le triomphe de l’amour