1 Which of the following won the US Masters title first? Fred Couples, Mike Weir, Craig Stadler, Tiger Woods Craig Stadler
2 Which golfer won the 1991 Open in the years between two Nick Faldo victories? Ian Baker-Finch, Greg Norman, Nick Price, John Daly Ian Baker-Finch
3 In which decade did Peter Thomson with The Open on 4 occasions? 1920’s, 1950’s, 1970’s, 1900’s 1950’s
4 Which of the following won the US Masters title first? Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen Gene Sarazen
5 Who won the Open in 1976 at Royal Birkdale in the year either side of two Tom Watson victories? Arnold Palmer, Bob Charles, Johnny Miller, Bill Rogers Johnny Miller
6 In what year was the first US Open held? 1895, 1995, 1815, 1915 1895
7 Winged Foot golf course lies in which US State? Washington, Flordia, New York, Michigan New York
8 Glen View golf course lies in which US State? Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, New York Illinois
9 Which of the following won the US Open title first? Retief Goosen, Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Lee Janzen Lee Janzen
10 Which of the following won the US Open title first? Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Ed Furgol, Ben Hogan Ben Hogan
11 Golfers play with woods and what? Tins, Irons, Steels, Bronzes Irons
12 Which of these is another name for a particular kind of golf course? Pitch, Links, Steps, Suite Links
13 Which Scottish golfer is often hailed as the greatest golfer never to win a Major championship? Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo, Lee Westwood, Ernie Els Colin Montgomerie
14 In golf, what is a ‘wedge’? A tree, A club, A bunker, A water hazard A club
15 How many holes are typically played on a tournament golf course? 15, 18, 25, 28 18
16 What name is given to the piece of turf gouged out by a club making a stroke? Divot, Pivot, Rivet, Goblet Divot
17 What do golfers call the 19th hole? Car Park, Bathroom, Club House, Home Club House
18 Which of these clubs normally hits the ball the furthest? Driver, Putter, Wedge, 5 Iron Driver
19 What is a measure of a golfer’s playing ability? Handover, Handicap, Handle, Handicraft Handicap
20 What is the main characteristic of a links course? It’s in a park, It’s in a desert, It’s on a hill, It’s by the sea It’s by the sea