1 Trying to Get to You was the first single by which singer? Huey Smith, Ritchie Valens, Roy Orbison, Bobby Darin Roy Orbison
2 Tweedle Dee was a 1955 hit for which female singer? Ruth Brown, Patti Page, Big Mama Thornton, LeVern Baker LeVern Baker
3 Twenty Flight Rock from the Movie “The Girl Cant Help It” marked which singers breakthrough? Billy Ward, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran Eddie Cochran
4 Twilight Time was a Number 1 hit for which group? The Dominoes, The Cadillacs, The Clovers, The Platters The Platters
5 Ultra High Fidelity was the first major hit for…? The Del Vikings, The Cadillacs, The Clowns, The Belmonts The Del Vikings
6 Vincent Eugene Craddock was the real name of which 1950s star? Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent Gene Vincent
7 Walden Robert Cassato is better known as whom? Professor Longhair, Bobby Darin, Link Wray, Larry Williams Bobby Darin
8 What Am I Living For was a 1958 No.1 for which act? Johnny Ace, Johnny Otis, Ricky Nelson, Chuck Willis Chuck Willis
9 What artistic term gave Nat King Cole his first Number 1of 1950? Paint Me, Mona Lisa, Manet, Da Vinci Mona Lisa
10 What as the title of Toni Ardens biggest hit and only million seller? Dadre, Cadre, Padre, Madre Padre
11 What colour Shoes gave Carl Perkins his major hit? Blue, White, Red, Black Blue
12 What colour was the lettering of ‘Elvis’ on his breakthrough debut album cover? Green, Pink, Blue, Black Pink
13 What girls name gave Ritchie Valens his first major hit? Mary, Lizzy, Susie, Donna Donna
14 What is the correct title of a hit for Larry Williams in 1958? Fizzy Miss Lizzy, Miss Lizzy Dizzy, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Lizzy is Dizzy Dizzy Miss Lizzy
15 What is the real surname of Little Richard? Pennington, Perriman, Perry, Penniman Penniman
16 What is the real surname of Ray Charles? Robinson, Penniman, Haley, McDonald Robinson
17 What kind of “Tower” was a 1950s hit for Otis Williams? Long, Metal, Ivory, Beach Ivory
18 What name preceded Joe Hunter in the name of a famous 1950s act? Metal, Rhino, Tin, Ivory Ivory
19 What name was often given to Jackie Wilson? Mr Excitement, Mr Happy Times, Mr Jive, Mr Fun Mr Excitement
20 What nickname was given to Patti Page? The Singing Rage, The Loving Rage, The Famous Rage, The Screaming Rage The Singing Rage