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1 To which family of plants does the Banana belong? Grass, Rose, Ginger, Mallow
2 Ucumis Sativus is the Latin name for which of the following? Tomato, Potato, Peach, Cucumber
3 Ugli Fruit is a cross between a Mandarin Orange and what other fruit? Kiwi, Nectarine, Watermelon, Grapefruit
4 Varieties of which fruit or vegetable include the Aztec? Swede, Rhubarb, Runner Bean, Sweetcorn
5 Veitch’s Red Globe is a variety of which vegetable? Turnip, Carrot, Cabbage, Potato
6 Vicia Faba is the Latin name for which of the following? Runner Bean, Chicory, Green Bean, Broad Bean
7 Vitis Vinifera is the Latin name for which fruit? Plum, Grape, Pear, Peach
8 Walters is a variety of which fruit? Grapefruit, Plum, Strawberry, Melon
9 Washington, Victoria, Santa Rosa and Bokhara are varieties of which vegetable? Parsnip, Carrot, Potato, Turnip
10 Watercress belongs to which family? Turnip, Mustard, Rose, Cabbage
11 Watermelons originate on which continent? Asia, Europe, North America, Africa
12 What are the bunches in which bananas are grown known as? Jaws, Clutches, Feet, Hands
13 What berry is the diet of the silk worm? Strawberry, Mulberry, Blackberry, Cherry
14 What can go before Cap and Crown in the names of well known varieties of Cauliflower? Snow, Wind, Fog, Rain
15 What city follows “White” in the name of a popular variety of Kohirabi? Prague, Tokyo, Moscow, Vienna
16 What city name precedes slicer in the name of a well known variety of Cucumber? Paris, London, Tokyo, Washington
17 What colour comes after “Early” in the name of a popular variety of Cranberry? Pink, Black, Red, Blue
18 What colour comes before the word Gem in the title of a variety of Parsnip? Red, Orange, Yellow, White
19 What colour is a Chantenay? Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple
20 What colour is a Chinese Artichoke? Red, Purple, White, Blue