1 In what decade did Bob Ferguson win three back to back Open titles? 1880s, 1940s, 2000s, 1980s 1880s
2 Which best describes the kind of grip used in a Vardon grip? Widened, Underlapping, Overlapping, Parted Overlapping
3 The part of the clubhead furthest from the player is usually referred to by what body part? Ankle, Hand, Toe, Foot Toe
4 What was the first name, which he shared with another famous figure, of 1874 winner Mr. Park? Ji-Sung, Terry, Mungo, Peter Mungo
5 A hole with a fairway that bends is usually described with reference to which animal? Horse, Cat, Dog, Hare Dog
6 The part of the fairway just in front of the green is usually named after which kitchen item? Bench, Apron, Ladel, Kettle Apron
7 Which of these is the name for an old fashioned club similar to a 3 wood? Daffy, Baffy, Maffy, Claffy Baffy
8 Which is the first hole of Amen Corner at Augusta? 16th, 1st, 7th, 11th 11th
9 Players from the USA and which other country won every US Masters event until 1980? Scotland, Australia, South Africa, England South Africa
10 Which was the first golf course outside of Prestwick to host The Open? Deal, Sandwich, St Andrews, Musselbrugh St Andrews
11 Due to its sole, what is the old fashioned name for a club similar to a 2-wood? Rubber, Metallic, Brassie, Generic Brassie
12 Which if the current 4 Majors has been held the fewest times? US PGA, US Masters, US Open, The Open US Masters
13 Which of the following won the US Masters title first? Paul Lawrie, Nick Faldo, Ian Woosnam, Sandy Lyle Sandy Lyle
14 A famous tree named after which President lies on the 17th hole at Augusta? Nixon, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Lincoln Eisenhower
15 Who was the first person to retain The Open championship title? Tom Morris Sr, Jack Simpson, Tom Kidd, Willie Park Sr Tom Morris Sr
16 If a right-handed golfer hits a fade shot in which direction does the ball eventually head? Backwards, Right, Up, Left Right
17 What was the nationality of 1946 Masters winner Herman Keiser? German, Swiss, American, Italian American
18 In what decade was the Green Jacket first presented to Masters Winners? 2000s, 1970s, 1890s, 1940s 1940s
19 In which decade did Larry Mize win the Us Masters? 2000s, 1940s, 1960s, 1980s 1980s
20 At which course did Paul Lawrie win the 1999 Open? Royal Troon, Carnoustie, Sandwich, St Andrews Carnoustie