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1 Shelly Wengrovsky and Arthur Martinez were members of which group? The Clowns, The Cadillacs, The Belmonts, The Del Vikings
2 Sincerely and Ten Commandments of Love were major hits for which group? The Coasters, The Flamingos, The Moonglows, The Drifters
3 So Lucky and Teardrops From My Eyes were hits for which 1950s singer? Patti Page, Ruth Brown, Big Mama Thornton, Dolly Parton
4 Songs of Our Soil was the 4th album release in the 1950s for which singer? Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran, Billy Ward, Jerry Lee Lewis
5 Songs Our Daddy Taught us was a 1950s album by whom? The Everly Brothers, Little Richard, Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly
6 Sonny Till was the lead singer of which group? The Orioles, The Moonglows, The Flamingos, The Five Keys
7 Speedoo was the major hit from which group? The Chantels, The Cadillacs, The Belmonts, The Clowns
8 Splish Splash was the first million seller for whom? Duane Eddy, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly
9 St Therese of The Roses was the biggest hit for which group? The Cadillacs, The Clovers, The Platters, The Dominoes
10 Stagger Lee was a number one hit for which act? Jackie Wilson, Ivory Joe Hunter, Little Willie John, Lloyd Price
11 Sterling Newsome and Stan Prinston were original members of which group? The Platters, The Flamingos, The Drifters, The Coasters
12 Strangers In The Night and My Way were notable hits from whom? Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra
13 Sunday Kind of Love was a major 1953 hit for…? The Clowns, The Del Vikings, The Penguins, The Harp Tones
14 Sweet and Easy To Love and Almost 18 were 1950s hits for which singer? Huey Smith, Ritchie Valens, Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison
15 Swingin Along and Balled in Blues were films starring which 1950s star? Little Richard, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, Bill Haley
16 Terese Brewer had a 1950 Number 1 hit with which song? Laugh Laugh Laugh, Music Music Music, Sing Sing Sing, Dance Dance Dance
17 Terry “Buzzy” Johnson was a member of which group? The Coasters, The Drifters, The Platters, The Flamingos
18 That’ll Be The Day was a 1958 album by whom? Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, Bobby Darin, Little Richard
19 The 1956 track “Since I Met You Baby” is perhaps the most famous hit by whom? Ivory Joe Hunter, Little Willie John, Chuck Willis, Frankie Lymon
20 The Big Beat film featured which group? The Cadillacs, The Belmonts, The Clowns, The Del Vikings