1 Eric Hillard were the first real names of which act? Hank Ballad, Sam Cooke, Johnny Otis, Ricky Nelson Ricky Nelson
2 Fats Domino was noted for playing which instrument? Trumpet, Basson, Guitar, Piano Piano
3 Fever was originally a 1956 hit for whom? Chuck Willis, Little Willie John, Frankie Lymon, Johnny Ace Little Willie John
4 Fill in the blanks for the famous Percy Mayfield song “Please Send Me Someone to…”? Cuddle, Love, Hold, Kiss Love
5 In the 1956 Number 1, Frankie Lymon sang why do what fall in love? Teenagers, Kids, Fools, Men Fools
6 Fill in the Blanks of a famous Jerry Lee Lewis song “Whole Lotta … Going on”? Jiving, Singing, Shaking, Dancing Shaking
7 Finish the title of the famous Everly Brothers hit “All I have To Do is..”? Dream, Think, Talk, Love Dream
8 Fool Fool Fool was the second single released by which act? The Platters, The Clovers, The Cadillacs, The Dominoes The Clovers
9 Forty Miles of Bad Road was a hit by whom? Otis Williams, Duane Eddy, Lloyd Price, Jack Scott Duane Eddy
10 Frankie Lymon was backed by which group? The Rebels, The Crickets, The Teenagers, The Kids The Teenagers
11 Fred Milano was a member of which band? The Chantels, The Cadillacs, The Belmonts, The Clowns The Belmonts
12 Gallopin Guitars was a 1950s album release by which artist? Perry Como, Mario Lanza, Les Paul, Tony Bennet Les Paul
13 Gene Autry had a 1950 Number 1 with which Xmas song? Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, We Wish You a Merry Xmas, Jingle Bells, Holy Night Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
14 Gerhart Thrasher was an early member of which group? The Cadillacs, The Drifters, The Platters, The Dominoes The Drifters
15 Giovanni Domincoe Scafone found fame under what name? Jackie Wilson, Jack Scott, Otis Williams, Lloyd Price Jack Scott
16 Good Night Irene was a 1950 Number 1 for Gordon Jenkins and….? The Jets, The Spinners, The Weavers, The Dolls The Weavers
17 Good Night My Love was the biggest hit from which act who died aged just 27? Jesse Belvin, Lloyd Price, Otis Williams, Jackie Wilson Jesse Belvin
18 Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite was the major hit from which group? The Spaniels, The Penguins, The Harp Tones, The Del Vikings The Spaniels
19 Harold Winley and Franklen Poole were members of which group? The Clovers, The Platters, The Dominoes, The Cadillacs The Clovers
20 Harry was the real first name of which 1950s star? Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Bing Crosby Bing Crosby