1 Which of the following is the name of a Lost Wax technique for casting? Gouache, Chiaroscuro, Cire Perdue, Fresco Cire Perdue
2 Which of the following painters as once exiled for murder? Masaccio, Caravaggio, Houkusai, Tintorretto Caravaggio
3 Which of the following was born in France in 1869 and died in 1954? Magritte, Matisse, Dufy, Dali Matisse
4 Which of the following was imprisoned on charges of homosexuality? Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael Da Vinci
5 Which of these artist was declared Bankrupt during their lifetime? Van Gogh, Vermeer, Picasso, Rembrandt Rembrandt
6 Which of these artists would you associate with the “Ecole de Paris”? Kahlo, Miro, Manet, Chagall Chagall
7 Which of these artists would you describe as a Fauvist? Magritte, Dufy, Dali, Matisse Matisse
8 Which of these is the correct title of a 1906 Raoul Duffy painting? The Four Umbrellas, The Two Umbrellas, The Three Umbrellas, The Five Umbrellas The Three Umbrellas
9 Which of these is the correct title of a 1939 painting by Frida Kahlo? The Two Fridas, The Three Fridas, The Four Fridas, The Five Fridas The Two Fridas
10 Which of these is the real title of a 1920 work by Paul Klee? The Sheep, The Horse, The Duck, The Lamb The Lamb
11 Which of these painters would you most associate with “Automatism”? Delaunay, Miro, Arp, Dupas Miro
12 Which of these schools was Robert Delaunay a member of? Cubsim, Dadism, Orphism, Surrealism Orphism
13 Which of these styles would you most associate with Jackson Pollock? Dada, Abstract Art, Action Painting, Baroque Action Painting
14 Which of these was a pioneer of “Happening”? Chuck Close, Keith Haring, Jim Dine, Damien Hirst Jim Dine
15 Which of these was a proponent of “Hungarian Activism”? Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, Mohol-Nagy, Juan Gris Mohol-Nagy
16 Which of these was a real Art School based in London? Euston Street School, Euston Station School, Euston Lane School, Euston Road School Euston Road School
17 Which painter changed his name 33 times during his lifetime? Tintorretto, Botticelli, Masaccio, Houkusai Houkusai
18 Which painter completed 12 Frescoes for Manchester Town Hall shortly before his death? Turner, Bosch, Lowry, Maddox Brown Maddox Brown
19 Which painter famously threw a plaster cast at Wellington? Van Dyck, Goya, Hans Holbein, Velazquez Goya
20 Which painter had Archduchess Isabella as his Patroness? Rembrandt, Goya, Rubens, Renoir Rubens