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1 Uplands is the name of an airport in which Canadian City? Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa
2 US Airways is based in which state? Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia
3 Vantaa Airport can be found in which Scandinavian City? Stockholm, Malmo, Helsinki, Oslo
4 Varig is an airline from which nation? Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil
5 VIASA is the national airline of which country? Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico
6 Viracopos Airport can be found in which South American Country? Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil
7 Vnukovo Airport is found in which city? Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, St Petersburg
8 VRN is the Airport Code for which Italian City? Rome, Venice, Verona, Milan
9 Vueling Airlines are from which country? Madrid, Germany, Spain, France
10 WA Mozart Airport can be found in which city? Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg, Munich
11 Wattay Airport is found in which country? Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Gambia
12 West Jet Airlines are based in which country? Canada, UK, USA, France
13 What animal features on the logo of Quantas Airlines? Bear, Monkey, Fish, Kangaroo
14 What Australian City shares its name with an Airport in Florida? Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne
15 What colour is the Air Berlin Logo? White, Green, Red, Gold
16 What colour is the background of the official Emirates logo? Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
17 What colour is the main text on the Alitalia logo? Blue, White, Red, Green
18 What does the final A stand for the in the name of the Japanese airline ANA? Airline, Asian, Air, Airways
19 What does the J stand for in the name of the airline JAL? Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Jamaica
20 What does the N stand for in the airline ANA? Nippon, Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands