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1 Sunday Afternoon at the Grand-Jatte is a famous work by which artist? Seurat, Gaugin, Degas, Pissaro
2 Swiss artist Le Corbusier painted “Still Life with Many…..”? Eyes, Faces, Heads, Noses
3 Tamara De Lempicka was born in which European Capital? Warsaw, Moscow, Riga, Kiev
4 The 1921 painting “Celebes” was by which artist? Munch, Braque, Ernst, Munter
5 The 1960 work Ascending and Descending is perhaps the most notable work by whom? Escher, Kline, Morel let, Messer
6 The Ambassadors is a famous work by which artist? Manet, Whistler, Monet, Holbein
7 The Birth of Venus was painted by which artist? Picasso, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Goya
8 The Bloomsbury Group originated in what country? England, America, Italy, France
9 The Boat Studio, Tree in the Snow and The Pheasant are all works by which artist? Degas, Monet, Pissaro, Manet
10 The Euston Road School of Art in London was founded in which year? 1957, 1977, 1937, 1917
11 The Fighting Temeraire is a work by which artist? Turner, Constable, Millais, Degas
12 The Gleaners is a famous work by which artist? Michaelangelo, Rubens, Constable, Millet
13 The Hay Wain is a famous work by which artist? Michelangelo, Millet, Constable, Rubens
14 The Judgement of Paris is a famous work by which artist? Rubens, Millet, Constable, Michelangelo
15 The Kunsthistorisches Museum lies in which European capital? Paris, Vienna, London, Berlin
16 The Last Judegment is a famous work by which artist? Rubens, Millet, Michelangelo, Constable
17 The Laughing Cavalier was produced by which artist? Gericault, Hals, Holbein, Velazquez
18 The Medici family were famously the patron of which artist? Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo
19 The Metropolitan Museum of Art lies in which American City? New York, Washington, Dallas, San Diego
20 The Musee d ‘Orsay lies in which European city? Vienna, Paris, London, Rome